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Crochet Cruises
Carnival Cruise Lines

Current Seating Status

  • Feb 7th – Sold Out
  • Feb 14th – Sold Out

We are not responsible for anyone booking this cruise ship and expecting to be part of The Crochet Cruise activities. All seats have been sold out with no exceptions. Our gift bags giveaway and room seating has hit capacity for both ship sailings.

Feb 7th – Quote & Booking – Sold Out

Feb 14th – Quote & Booking – Sold Out

Rates can vary from person to person as the arrangements with the cabins are based on your choices, age, promotions and much more. If you would like to have different cabin options, you can contact our agent, Amelie Richards of Vacations to Go at or by calling her at 800-514-9986, ext 7292. Her hours are Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm Central Standard Time. (10 am – 7 pm EST)

If you have booked your cruise through another agent, our group booking # for Feb 7th is 93LHP1 or for Feb 14th # 93LHR6. In order for your dinner plans to be consistent with our group, your agent most link your reservation to our booking so Carnival knows you are with our party. We are not responsible for any guests who have decided to book on their own and haven’t linked their reservation to our booking number. You must do this at least 6 weeks prior to sailing.

The Crochet Crowd is not involved in the cruise purchasing of cabins and anything pertaining to the ship’s amenities.

Down Payment Required

A minimum down payment of $500 per cabin (based on 2 people per cabin) is required when booking. You will have until November 1st, 2014 to pay off the remaining balance of your trip. The down payment will secure your position and reservations with us.

Once You Are Confirmed Booked – Pay The Crochet Crowd Registration Fee $50 USD / Registered Activity Guest

  • Book with Mikey by paying the Activity Fee Registration directly after you have booked your Cruise to ensure you have your space confirmed. Currently, the buy now button is only for the Exotic Feb 7th, 2015 Cruise.
  • This fee covers you for all activities pertaining to The Crochet Crowd Cruise. If you are bringing guests that are not partaking in our activities, they are not required to pay our activity fee.


  • Due to our booking procedure of booking directly with Carnival or Vacations to Go, cancellation of your cruise is between yourself and Carnival Cruise Lines or Vacations To Go.
  • Mikey’s Crochet Activity Fee Registration is non-refundable.
  • Passengers who do not show up and/cancel through cruises will forfeit the complimentary gift packages that will be awarded to all passengers who attend.
  • Passengers must be present on The Crochet Cruise to be awarded their gift packages. We will not give packages to other passengers to take home and/or ship for passengers who cancel or do not show up.

Cruise Prices

Exotic Feb 7th Cruise starts at $509 avg per person + taxes & gratuity.

Love Feb 14th Cruise starts at $479 avg per person + taxes & gratuity.

  • Meals, cabin and most on board entertainment is included with this rate. Soda, alcohol and specialty restaurants are not included.
  • Subject to Room Availability. Based on double occupancy. Taxes and Gratuity Extra. Prices in US Dollars.Payment handled directly through our Carnival Cruise Lines or Vacations To Go. See booking details.Airfare and/or transportation to the port is not included. This is the guest’s responsibility to arrange. Shuttle services from the airport to the port are available as an extra fee if required.


Carnival Cruise Lines and Vacations to Go are not legally allowed to pair up people together to form room mate situations on the ship. It’s a breach of personal privacy laws. Also, they do not want to assume responsibility of pairing up people that may not be compatible.

It is also a breach of privacy laws for Mikey, The Crochet Crowd, to pair up people together for room mate situations.

If you are in need a roommate, you may visit our Facebook Crochet Cruise Events Page to request a roommate.

The Crochet Crowd is not responsible for any situations pertaining to cancellations.

More About the Crochet Activity Fee

Each registered guest for our cruise is required to pay our Activity Fee. This covers the cost of our administration fees and fees associated to be able to run this crochet cruise while on board Carnival Cruise Lines. Mikey isn’t charging for teaching or for his time on board the ship.

  • Activity Fees are non-refundable. Please ensure your schedule is clear prior to booking your cruise. There are fees that Mikey must pay in advance of the cruise that are based on guest numbers, some are as early as the summer 2014 prior to the cruise that are non-refundable and based on your commitment to go.

Some guests will be traveling with others that may not be interested in our activities. Only registered guests of activities must pay. Your friends or family are not required to pay our activity fee if they are not participating in our cruise activities.

We have left plenty of time in the schedule and there are port days where you can either choose to spend time with our group or venture on your own with guests. In 2014, several crochet cruisers brought family with them and took part in our activities.

Your family and friends will be sitting with us for dinner when you link your reservation with ours. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.

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