Crochet Cruisers Give to Project Linus

Crochet Cruise Project Linus
Crochet Cruise Project Linus

Crochet Cruisers Give Back

February is rolling around as the 2nd Annual Crochet Cruises hosted by The Crochet Crowd take place on Carnival Glory.

There are two crochet cruises back to back starting on Feb 7th for the 1st cruise and then we take the same ship and cruise to somewhere else for the 2nd cruise.

We had almost 50% of our first year cruisers returning for 2015. It’s many ways, it’s like a re-union with seeing so many faces from all over. Our furthest cruisers for this year are coming from the UK and Netherlands. Most of our cruisers are from the northern states of the USA.

In sailing our first cruises in 2014, we felt it was so important for us to give back in some way while on the ship. We are fortunate enough to cruise and have a holiday that there must be a way that we can do something together as a community while on board. We developed the concept of doing Project Linus Afghans on board.

Each cruiser brings pre-made squares from home and we work on a project together of assembling our squares. It looks like a poker table once the squares come out. Cruisers exchange with each other to make interesting colour combinations. Together, we make up afghans that can be forwarded to Project Linus.

For the 2015 Crochet Cruises happening in less than a month from now, we have 200 passengers joining us. We maxed out our available conference space on board and have a fabulous program lined up. Of course, Project Linus Afghans are on the schedule as it’s key we include people who could use our help.

By our estimation, a minimum of 1800 squares will be with us. I know first hand, many have completed more squares than the minimum of 9. There could be up to 3,000 granny squares on board for us to put together.

To save time, we are having all of our crocheters put their 9 squares together so they have a jumbo block of 3 x 3 squares.

It’s a wild afternoon as crocheters gossip, laugh and strategically put together their afghans.

Fortunately, we have some crocheters are local to the ship and/or have driven to the ship. They will be taking our afghans and donating them to multiple Project Linus Chapters.

While on board, we have 3 main projects and other workshops in place. All materials and most of the gifts have been provided by for our journey. Without their generous support, our cruise would not be possible.

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