Daniel Zondervan

Daniel is a professional musician with added skills of designing in home decor, colour and inspirational ideas. In between music, he is an extraordinary gardener & landscaper. He thinks big, thinks budget and isn't afraid to get dirty in the design and building stages. For The Crochet Crowd, he is a crocheter with exceptional skills of color and texture combinations. He is the live show coordinator of set design, volunteer and over all show presentation. He is our editor for The Crochet Crowd Newsletter. He has other roles behind the scenes that make The Crochet Crowd what it is today.

One thought on “Last of Fall Color Combo

  • September 23, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    being an artist myself I think Diva Dan really hit it on the head, I love how he has put the colors together , making it so easy for all of us Crocheters. Thank You so much Diva Dan and Mikey for a great article and the time put into the making of it.

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