Mad Hatters Contest: Alice Hooks in Wonderland

Mad Hatters Crochet Contest with The Crochet Crowd

Creativ Festival Contest has Gone ‘Mad! Mad for the Mad Hatters Contest!

Over $2500 in Prizes

Crochet the Red Heart Top Hat that represents any part of Alice in Wonderland Fairytale. Keep in mind that the story is filled with imagination and that there are so many different elements to the story that can be represented by a Top Hat.

Be sure to have this in the mail and post marked April 1st or earlier to qualify.



  • Think about accessories to be added to the hat that helps tell an element of the story. Don’t hold back your creativity and be as imaginative as possible.
  • You may want to review the movie and make a few notes of something you can create that would be outstanding. Don’t overlook some of the really neat ideas such as the keys, drinks, tea party, characters, tree, holes, Queen of Hearts, battle, dragon, soldiers, deck of cards, chess, time and so much more. 
  • The best 5 top hats will be awarded the $500 Prize Packages.
  • Refer to the guidelines for specific details.




Creativ Festival

The Crochet Crowd is heading back to Creativ Festival on April 25 – 26th, 2014. It’s our 8th show where we are known for going ‘mad’ for yarn. We’ve become a show floor favourite due to creativity created by Diva Dan and I and, of course, the community involvement from our global crocheters. Every show, we present ideas to our audience for helping us build an exhibit that goes way beyond expections.

We are known for having incredible show specials on Red Heart Yarn. We recognize that consumers are looking for deals and we gladly offer show specials that are below retail prices plus add extra incentives. Stay tuned for this year’s show incentives.


2014 Spring Exhibit Theme

Alice ‘Hooks in Wonderland… The Crochet Crowd has fallen down the rabbit hole and has landed smack dab in the middle of Wonderland. This yarn-tastic exhibit will capture your imagination created Mikey and Diva Dan based on the popular fairytale. The ‘yarn-tale display will dream up Creativ characters and will allow Creativ Festival Guests to travel through the hallucinogenic yarn dream state of Wonderland by inspiring fun and fantasy for all. Sponsored by Red Heart Yarns.

Our exhibit’s purpose is to inspire crafters to get involved and be excited by crochet. It awakens imaginations and the inner child within crafters who attend Creativ Festival. For the children and young adults who attend Creativ Festival, it opens up a gateway of creativity to see that crochet can be interesting, fun and easy to learn.

Our exhibit will have different elements of the Alice in Wonderland Story. The story being told from a crocheter’s perspective. Together, with our community members, we will take Creativ Festival guests on a visual journey. Guests should expect the unexpected. Guests are educated on the show floor with the creativity of our exhibit. We gladly stand beside our community members’ contributions and share the story of The Crochet Crowd. When we share about our community, it creates a connection and exhileration on the show floor. Cameras suddenly come out of purses and people are eager to share what they see with their family and friends.

We are asking The Crochet Crowd Community to help us crochet a Mad Hatter Showcase Exhibit.


The New Crochet Crowd Scholarship Program

The creation of The Crochet Crowd was founded on the principle belief to inspire, create and celebrate. Our mission has been to provide free education in the form of crochet tutorials, engaging crochet community support and to encourage others to explore their own creative journey.

With our core principle beliefs as our foundation, Diva Dan and I are extending our reach to provide financial assistance in the form of Academic Awards for ‘creative based’ post secondary students. We would like to help students persue their dreams and lend them a helping hand. 

From Fashion Hats to Fashion Students…

  • All hats submitted for The Crochet Crowd exhibit will be part of an all new fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards creating Educational Awards for Fashion Design Students in Ontario, Canada. Visit the Crochet Crowd Booth #153 on Saturday, April 26th between 2 pm and 5 pm and get inspired to place your bid.

The 5 Winning Hats will be released after being showcased again at the Creativ Festival, October 24, 25 & 26 at the Metro Toronto Conventional Centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Up to 30,000 Creativ Festival Guests to view once again.

You have a chance to win 1 of 5 – $500 prize packages, the opportunity to showcase your creativity and the added bonus that your hats are also giving students an opportunity to persue their educational dreams through The Crochet Crowd Scholarship Program.


Five $500 Prize Packages To Be Awarded

Special thanks to Red Heart Yarns, Creativ Festival and The Crochet Crowd, the following are the breakdown for the prizes being awarded. Each of the five prize packages are the same.

  • Red Heart Yarns, Fully Loaded Yarn Bag that includes assorted yarns.
  • Creativ Festival, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals, Design Book and 2 Creativ Festival Show Tickets. 
  • The Crochet Crowd, Yarn Ball Winder, Yarn Swift & Crochet Crowd Promotional Gifts.


Get The Free Pattern

Free Video Tutorial To Follow


  • Anyone in the world is open to participating in this challenge. Creativity knows no boundaries and we have no restrictions on countries that may participate.
  • You do not need to be a member or sign up in advance to participate. You simply complete the challenge and mail in your submission.
  • The story of Alice in Wonderland can be in any version such as the Original Movie Version, Story Book, Disney’s Movie, Johnny Depp’s Movie or even Tim Burtons version, you feel that inspires you. It can also be the sequel of Alice in Wonderland of “Through the Looking Glass”.
  • The challenger may use any yarn they wish; however, if substituting the yarn, the hat must hold its shape and be able to stand on it’s own without any support before the hat has its embellishments added. The sizing of the hat must be the same size as indicated in the pattern. Miniatures or intentional oversized hats will not be accepted.
  • The band and flowers, as seen in the pattern, are optional. You will want to use the exterior of the hat to place your theme items. You may sew on appliques onto the top hat. Be as imaginative with colours. The hat can be multiple colours and/or striped. Accessorizing of the hat with the Alice in Wonderland theme items can be a mix of yarn or other objects to help tell the theme of the hat. Hint, people are really impressed when items are ‘yarn-made. Hat accessories are not limited in height or width.
  • The Top Hat(s) must be mailed to The Crochet Crowd Studio by April 1st, 2014. Late arrival hats must be post marked on or April 1st, 2014 to remain in the challenge. We need the hats weeks before the show to do the final exhibit plans.
  • You do not need to attend in person at Creativ Festival to be part of this challenge. Winners will be selected and all prizes will be mailed to the winners after the show.


Submission & Processing

  • The challenger can submit multiple top hats. Each hat will be considered a separate entry. Each hat must be completely finished, with no assembly required, according to the crocheter’s vision. 
  • You will mail in your submission(s) to The Crochet Crowd Studio.
  • Challengers’ entry photos will be kept a secret until the week before Creativ Festival. Challengers can share their entries in advance on our Facebook but be advised this allows others to see your creativity in advance to make decisions about their own entries and creative inspiration.
  • Use your best discretion when packaging and shipping these hats to ensure product arrives safely.
  • It is not necessary to gift wrap, tissue wrap or provide greeting cards with your submission. A quick note with your contact information. Contact information should be your full name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Ensure you have labelled your hat on the inside of the top crown of the hat. You can use a stiff piece of paper to write your name and address. Hole punch the paper and insert a string through the paper to attach it.
  • The Crochet Crowd is not responsible for lost or damaged packages or shipping costs of the postal services.
  • Each hat will be professionally photographed and saved on file. Photographs will be released to the public on April 20th, 2014. The photographs remain the property of The Crochet Crowd® and may be used for further marketing. Each photograph will have the acknowlegement of the challenger with a name in the description of the photograph, as seen on Flickr.
  • Your name will be added to the Submissions List on this page to acknowledge that your hat(s) has arrived.


Mailing Address

The Crochet Crowd Studio
10 Mullen Drive, PO BOX 473
Walkerton, Ontario, Canada
Declare your item under $50 USD and as a gift for customs purposes.


April 20th, 2014 – Preview and Official Online Gallery

  • Hats that have been received and that have been processed through photography will be available in one mega gallery.
  • Each entry, will have it’s own photo with the challenger’s name for identification.
  • Each challenger can download a copy of the photography.



Judging The Show Display – April 25 – 26th, 2014

  • All hats will be on display at Creativ Festival at The Crochet Crowd Booth. Creativ Festival will have a panel of judges to review, inspect and examine the creativity of each top hats before the show opening. The final top 10 Hats will be selected and pulled out for a feature position within the exhibit.
  • During the Creativ Festival Show, Guests will have an opportunity to vote the 1 Hat that they like the best. The top five top hats that are most voted on will receive a $500 Gift Package.
  • Winners will be announced at 1:30 pm, Saturday April 26th, 2014. Between 2 pm – 5 pm, all hats, except for the 5 winning hats, will be available to make a bid for the Scholarship Awards Program.
  • All Winners will receive their prize packages in the mail between 2 – 4 weeks after the show.


Confirmed Received Entries – Updated Received as of April 7th, 2014

Names are in order in which they were photographed. If you have submitted more than one, your name may be scattered in the list. Hats were inspected for accuracy and placed on a table randomly before photography.

Date Received ID
Charita Bingham 01
 Melie Rice
 Cathy Blay
 Lori Grondin
 Bobbie Asche
Lynn Stellaccio 06
Annette Ramirez 07
Jeanne Beverly 08
Jennifer Watson 09
Tammy Kinney 10
Sandie Guzman 11
Valerie Dunn 12
Luisa Reina 13
Kimberly Christensen 14
Melissa Wolcott 15
Melissa Sisco 16
Elizabeth Alonzo 17
Laura Ann Roux 18
Jeanna Blackburn 19
Amy Slater 20
Nicole Baker 21
Apirl Ramirez 22
Donna Longtin 23
 Nancy Gendron
 Keri Streeter
Melissa Sisco Hat 2
Debbie Wilson 27
Lillian Waun 28
Rebecca Ripple 29
 Brenda Leal-Burnhoe
Sheila Peascheck 31
Donna Hounihan 32
Lori Mayfield-Delap 33
Reba Moore 34
Cathy Blay Hat 2 35
Carol Riegel 36
Brittany Marshall 37
Sherry Craig 38
 Natalie Chapman
Judy Wray Hat 1
Judy Wray Hat 2 41
Ann Dennis 42
Dawn Paul Hat 1 43
Dawn Paul Hat 2 44
Dawn Paul Hat 3 45
Marg Alexander 46
Patricia Pattison 47
Maria Martins 48
Trista Moffett Hat 1 49
Trista Moffett Hat 2 50
Nanci Ferguson 51
Jenny Bjorn 52
Patricia Decosta 53
Judy Hollenbeck 54
Terri Strobble 55
 Valerie Caskanette
Liz Simpson
 Nancy Crow
Julie Birkes  59
Vida Sandi  60
Nancy Crow 2
Shannon Lester  62
Tuesdi Harmon  63
Shannon Lester 2
Carla Rizzie
 Robin Comfort
Terri Strobble 2
Patricia Sherry
Marilyn Fish
Jennifer Hixson
Susan Church
Robin Comfort 2
Marieanne Crossley
Edward Babineaux
Marieanne Crossley 2
Grace Shellenbarger
Caroline Tremblay
Caroline Tremblay 2
Mandy Ober
Jackie Lakey
Laurel Neufeld
 Joan M. L. Andersen
Heather Owens
Debra Shelhammer  84
Julia Lengyell  85
Cynthia Lowrey  86
Nuala Robinson  87
Barbara Darwin  88
Terri Brown  89
Gayle Suggs  90
Judy Jeffrey  91
Melissa Allen  92
Anna Zettenberg  93
Heather Owens  94
Melissa Sisco  95
Barbara Darwin  96
Rachel Cherry  97
Janet Diller  98
Angie Hefner  99
Galinda Wright  100
Judy Jeffrey  101
Lori Crossley 102
Denise Armstrong  103
Nicole Bridge  104
Patti Adler  105
 Patti Adler
 Tamara McNeil
 Lori Crossley
 Stacy Ellingson
 Judy Jeffrey
 Genevieve Thibodeau
 Denise Armstrong
Pamela Dow
Sarah W  114
Susan Church  115
Dawn Colbert  116
Nicole Bridge  117
Amy Brauner  118
Marie Buckley 119
Patti Adler  120
 Gayle B Suggs
 Valerie Caskanette
 Denise W West
 Denise W West
 Sheri Folsom
 Denise W West
 Emma Ivemey
 Theresa Baxter
 Terrilene Plaunt
 Sheri Goad
 Bernadette Mayo
 Denise W West
 Jeanne Rasmussen
 Susan Wells
 Laurie-Ann Agusta
 Denise W West
 Natalie M Hill
Maria Miranda
Anna Strecko Koeman
 Carmen L Hudgin
Sherry Maye
 Lawana Martin
 Jeanne Rasmussen
 Janice Cole
 Oana Nicula
 Teresa Siwajek
 Brandi-Raye Allemand
 Carmen L Hudgins
 Sheri Goad
 Linda Davis
 Deanna Piney
 Emily Dextraze
 Holly Christenberry
 Lisa Geisler
 Carmen L Hudgins
 Janice Cole
 Bernadette Mayo
 Deborah Usprich
 Sandra Quinn
Rebecca Rodriquez
 Alba Kauffman
 Carmen L Hudgins
 Meagan Snook
 Tristan A Cain
 Lisa Morris
 Brenda Bozso
 Krystal Ladwig
 Sherry Maye
 Eliza Viaggio
 Sarah Shaw
 Aina Ferris
 Kimberley Kostesca
Sheri Goad   173
Patti Adler
 Monica Rose
 Michelle Seely
 Mrs. Shelly Clarke
 Teena Prout
 Heather Tooill
 Heather Tooill
 Heather Tooill
 Jessica Charlton
 Benice Bacon
 Misty Durocher
 Anna Farquhar
 Elizabeth Mendoza
 Linda Deutscher
 Melissa Cromwell
 Dawn Marie Arrowsmith
 Chris Apao
 Carrie Hansen
 Jeanette McCrea
 Laura Lockett
 Debbie Bernard
 Rachel Roberts
 Dawn O’Brien
 Rachel Roberts
 Sherry Lanktree
 Jaqueline Holland
 Mary Jean Wilhelm
 Kim McAllister
 Cait Pritchard
 Brandi Acheronti
 Danielle Talaska
 Melissa Cameron
 Angela Boysel
 Sandi Bowers
 Dalis Jones
 Nancy Thorson
Amanda Watkins 210
 Melinda Crawford
Deb Watson
 Mellie Blossom
 Kelly Alfieri
 Angelica Tobadda
 Gwen Paulson
 Gillian Campbell
 Kathryn E Rainville
 Nancy Bragg
 leanne Malcolm
 Deb Watson
 Tammy Albright
 Kelly Alfieri
 Rebecca Ardron
 Corrina Venegas
 Elaine Chapa
 Teri Pitts
 Michelle Johnson
 Roxanne Proulx
 Heather Navarro
 Britt Kascjak
 Anne DeForge
 Patricia Reitz
 Colleen DeZinna
 Raeberta Good
 Shallale Figaro
 Denise Holtz
 Misty Samuelson
Melissa Beynon
 Stephanie Phelps
 Angela Sallee
 April Wood
 Justina Waddell
 Nola Holden
 Mega Barnett
 Wendy Bebermeyer
 Tabitha Wiese
 Carrie Guzzino
 Cyndy Cisel
Maria Soledad Alpizar 252
Melanie A Bank 253
Maria Soledad Alpizar 254
Sonya Blackstone 255
Aimee Cook 256
Miriam Quiroga 257
Gwen Paulson 258
Trish Danner 259
 Kim Machir
 Charlotte Folkening
 Rita Westerfield
 Esmeralda Patino
Shannon Halsover
 Marjorie Medsker
 Anna Zapftel
 Jenny Kenworthy
 Michelle Stratton
 Michelle Stratton
Sol Cassel
Alison Schieltz
 Diana Garo
 Misty Durocher
 Terry Davis
 Addie Austin
 Pam Brown
Michelle Tilton
 Michele Heroux
Samantha Lodington
 Janine Jameson
 Sandra Bensch
 Sandra Bensch
 Sandra Bensch
 Morgan Elise Drannon
 Elizabeth Williams
 Karen St. Dennis
 Marie Scott
 Stephanie Brandes
 Laura Wangler
 Unknown #5, Not Labelled
 Amy Hitchcock
 Troyanne Battles
 Sharon Wagner
 Rebecca Kirkpatrick
 Fawn Georgina
 Emily Hornsby
 Lisa Walker
Jerilyn Fiddler
 Ginger Brandon
Daphne Birchfield
 Unknown 7, Not Labelled
 Amber Reckner
 Johnny Morales
 Marie Scott
 Tammy Love
 Teresa White 309
 Tammy Love 310
Emily Hornsby 311
 Ashley Reeves 312
 Jeaneen Granger 313
 Crystal Hornsby 314
 Lisa Walker 315
 Jeaneen Granger 316
 Cheryl Walden 317
 Lisa Walker 318
 Linda Lechty 319
 Rebecca Warner 320
 Lori Johnson 321
 Lealynn Tetzke 322
 Ginny Smith 323
 Marie Scott 324
 Caroline Domingo 325
 Davina Brever 326
 Amber Reckner 327
 Unknown 8, Hat Not Labelled 328
 Melissa Cardin 329
 Cheryl Walden 330
 Lisa Walker  331
 Kristina Manely  332
 Teri Weiss  333
Cyndie Johnson  334
Michelle Sheridan
 Nicole Draper
 Unknown 12 – Unlabelled
 Stephanie Olfs
 Melissa Moeller
 Regina Young
 Annie Carrasco


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