Patons Pirouette Frilly Scarves

Patons Pirouette Yarn Pattern and TutorialPatons Pirouette Frilly Scarves

Introducing ruffle scarves by Patons. This yarn is called Pirouette. Though it’s similar to Red Heart Sashay, it’s very different as well. The white fluffy edges remind Mikey of snow that has fallen ever so lightly onto the scarf. It is gorgeous. 1 Ball is one scarf which is about 4 feet long.

Free Conventional Knitting Pattern

Distribution of this pattern is appreciated but please copy and post the link. Do not duplicate or charge for the usage of this pattern. You may create your own and sell what you make but this pattern is to remain free.  

Needed Materials

I recommend Size 10 mm or 15 USA Size Knitting Needles. I highly recommend wood knitting needles verses plastic or metal. The wood gives it more friction and doesn’t slide as easily. Yarn packaging calls for 5 MM or USA 8. I have found with teaching as well as feedback from countless people that the smaller needles make this very difficult and frustrating. Use what I recommend as the loops you insert into are exceptionally large.  My recommendation will change your enjoyment of this project. A scarf takes about 3 hours to make.

1 Ball of 100 g or 3.5 oz of Patons Pirouette Yarn. With Bernat packaging, 1 ball = 1 full size scarf. Check your nearest retailer for this line of yarn. This yarn is selling so fast at the time of making this article that it is very tough to find a store that has this in stock.

Scarf seen above (4 Foot Length) can be up to 2″ Wide Solid, with mesh stretch to visually appear 4″ wide. Other people recommend more stitches than 6 like I am calling for but adding more stitches across will shorten the length of the scarf that  you will get from the ball and make the scarf wider. I have found 6 stitches is plenty and provides a decent length.

Below is what the yarn looks like when it’s stretched.



  1. Cast on 6 Stitches. To cast on, slip your knitting needles 6 of the loops that on are the thin edge.
  2. Knit using the outer loops only. When turning material, skip one loop as shown in the video. When working across the row, use each loop. The loops are so big that skipping one on the row would be a waste. I have a video showing this method. See below for Video.
  3. Knit  back and forth until you get your desired length. Yarn ball will take you about 4 Feet in length.
  4. Cast Off and weave in the ends like you normally would in knitting. The last stitch, slide the remaining yarn through it and tie knot. The ruffle will cover the knot.

Video Tutorial

by Michael Sellick, The Crochet Crowd
©2012 The Crochet Crowd

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