Crochet Abbreviations Guide
Crochet Abbreviations Guide

Free Crochet Patterns

The following list is in alphabetical order by Category of where the patterns can be found. For items where the picture doesn’t match the category, it means there are patterns inside the category that have a mix of projects.

Crochet is our specialty, so we obviously concentrate on crochet the most here on The Crochet Crowd.

Articles inside each category are in order of the newest to the oldest.

The Stitch is Right Crochet Wave Game

The Stitch is Right Crochet Game

Play The Stitch is Right with The Crochet Crowd. A crochet game that involves wave/chevron afghans where the final project is up to how you spin.

How it works is that you pick up to 10 colours. You spin the 3 wheels and it will give you a set of instructions. Follow the instructions and then return back when complete and spin again for your next set of instructions. You keep coming back to spin until your project is completed.


Crochet Temperature Afghans
Crochet Temperature Afghans


Stitched with Love eBook with Charity Projects for Knitters and Crocheters
Stitched with Love eBook with Charity Projects for Knitters and Crocheters


We are an avid believer for charity which includes crochet projects and time that crocheters put towards helping charity. Whether it be helping out in a soup kitchen, being a helper in a marathon or even putting your hook into motion to help others with items like hats and afghans. The reward for helping others is something beyond measure.

We have two resources to help you with your charity ideas.

Mikey's Free Online Crochet Workshop for Beginners
Mikey’s Free Online Crochet Workshop for Beginners

Video Tutorials

Our biggest strength is showing you how to make patterns through our free video tutorials. Currently, we have nearly 1500 free projects to work on. The list below is organized by categories. In each video description, there is a link to get the free pattern that is demonstrated inside.

We now have over 450 videos that are closed captioned for the hearing impaired or for those who wish to watch tutorials without sound. View all of our Closed Captioned Tutorials. In order of latest video added to collection.

Special Collections of Video Tutorials


Graphghan & Picture Afghans Resources

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