Tunisian Fair Ise Cowl
Tunisian Fair Isle Cowl

Tunisian Fair Isle Cowl

Of all the entire Tunisian Series, this was the project that hit the top of my most satisfied and sense of pride within myself. I have always wanted to do this but knitting is too hard for me. I was finally able to accomplish this look and not give up my hook.

This is definitely one of the hottest projects for me to personally do one in colours that mean something for me. It’s takes a bit of getting use to carrying yarn but you cannot deny how amazing the final look is.

Get this free pattern, it’s called the Tunisian Fair Isle Cowl. You will not be disappointment. By the way, don’t give up if you are finding it awkward at first, it does take getting comfortable with.

My video tutorial, we are going to follow the diagram doing a mini sample. Try a mini example before attempting a full size. You will be doing yourself a favour.

Video Tutorial