Which Side is Right & Wrong: The Answer

Right Side vs Wrong Side in Crochet
What side is which? What is the right side and what is the wrong side?

Just for fun on Facebook yesterday, I asked the question on this Juicy Fruits & Whipped Creme Afghan:

In this picture, which side is which? Can you tell which is the right side and which is the wrong side?

The answer is that Bottom is the right side and the top is the wrong side.

How can you tell?

For me it’s an obvious giveaway with how the stitches appear. I use my method of determining the formation of a hat. You will notice when you crochet a hat that one side appears differently than the other. The right side of the hat, the stitches want to form themselves up like a ‘bowl shape’. If you look at the bottom portion of this picture, you will see the the stitches look sunken inward.

On the wrong side, the stitches want to get away from you by curling away. So essentially you are looking at the bottom of the bowl.

I will admit, even as a professional and the designers tell me to turn a project to the right side when we have just been crocheting a Double Crochet panel, I’m completely out to lunch and admit I am unsure which side is which. That’s when I fake it! :)

For me, on a personal level, I prefer the look of the Right Side of most crochet projects. The stitches look more defined and beautiful to me. So in an afghan, I will have placed the afghan so it is the right side facing upward when on a chair or sofa.

Having said I prefer the right side most, in this particular project, The Juicy Fruits & Whipped Creme Afghan, I prefer the wrong side. It looks more beautiful, in my opinion, than the right side.

Either way, you are the crochet artist, you can decide for yourself what you like. There’s really no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal style and tastes. Do what makes you happy!

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