Yarn Substitution Calculator

Yarn Substitution Calculator

How Much Yarn Will You Need?

Many crocheters substitute yarns all the time but are unsure how to calculate it.

For this calculator, you need to know the following to enter into the spots:

  • On the pattern How many balls of yarn does it require? Separate by colour if you have multiple colours to get an accurate answer. 
  • The pattern tells you which yarn to use. Tell me how many yards are on that recommended ball. If you don’t know that, find the yarn makers website and look up the yarn. Most makers of yarn has that information published.
  • Now look at the ball that you want to change the yarn too. Tell me how many yards is on that ball?

The calculator will calculate the following:

  • It will tell me how many yards the project requires by using the yardage on the suggested yarn and multiplying by the number of balls required.
  • It will then factor in the new yardage on the ball you want to change to. It will cross compare the yardage and give you the ball count you need.