Crochet Elephant Floor Lounge

Crochet Floor Lounge Elephant Pillow Pattern

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Crochet Floor Lounge Elephant A set of 3 pillows permanently attached for this “BIG” idea. This is the Floor Fun Elephant Pillows. You will need 3 queen size pillows that

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Crochet Popping Wall Hanging

Crochet Popping Wall Hanging

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Crochet Popping Wall Hanging Feel like the 70’s is returning, decor wise? It’s true, it’s coming back in trend, style wise. Put your crochet hook into the wind and try

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Crochet Millennial Shawl

Crochet Millennial Shawl Pattern

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Crochet Millennial Shawl The Crochet Millennial Shawl is an asymmetrical shawl. It’s easy to grow this out and the yarn will self stripe itself as you crochet. This is using

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Crochet Bobble Baby Sweater

Crochet Baby Bobbles Sweater Pattern

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Crochet Baby Bobbles Sweater Here is a Crochet Baby Sweater that has added bobbles to the bottom of the sleeves, the bottom just above rim and near the centre closing

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