Crochet Advent Calendar

Crochet Advent Calendar with 12 Ornaments

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Christmas Advent Calendar Introducing a Crochet Along to welcome Christmas with counting down the days with a Crochet Advent Calendar. There are 12 different ornaments, essentially you crochet 2 of

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6 Incredible Crochet Shawls

6 Incredible Crochet Shawl Patterns

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6 Incredible Crochet Shawls When someone is suffering or needing a reminder, many crocheters turn to Crochet Shawls as a project. Crochet shawls are a great portable project. For myself,

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7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornaments

7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornament Patterns

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7 Christmas Crochet Ball Ornaments A dream of mine would be to crochet an entire set of Christmas Ornament Balls for my Christmas Tree. I remember my first Christmas Tree,

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