Inspired by Gingham

7 Plaid-tastic Gingham Crochet Patterns

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7 Plaid/Gingham Projects Trend reports say crocheters are attracted to plaid/gingham ideas. The projects are varying from hats to blankets to even ponchos. There’s no denying it, plaid is hot!

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Oombawka Design

Get Hooked on Oombawka Design Crochet

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Oombawka Design Crochet Oombawka Design Crochet is the highest referrer of The Crochet Crowd in the independent crochet bloggers. Oombawka is the pseudo name for Rhondda. She’s a crochet designer

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15 Most Popular Crochet Blogs

15 Most Popular Crochet Blogs

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15 Most Popular Crochet Blogs Writing a popular crochet blog is a balance of education, entertainment, connection and relevance all-in-one click. Speaking from first-hand experience, it comes naturally to me

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Most Referred Pattern Websites

21 Most Referred to Pattern Library Websites

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21 Most Referred to Pattern Websites Finding that right website where it ends up being your go-to is really dependent on your own personal style. For myself, through sponsorship, Yarnspirations

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Crochet Tempearture Weather Data Information

Find Weather Temperatures for Crochet Blankets

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Where Do You Find the Weather Temperature Readings? Remembering to view the temperatures when life gets in the way is a strong factor for crocheters not to finish their afghans.

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