How to Make Picture Crochet Graphghans

How To Make a Graph for a Crochet Picture Afghan

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How To Make A Picture Graph Afghan Making a picture afghan isn’t that difficult as long as you get the picture and basics under your belt. The key to getting

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Two Tone Granny Squares

How to Crochet Two Tone Granny

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Learn to Crochet A Two-Tone Granny Square. The colour is split down the middle. Two-Tone Granny Concept I’ve always felt this would be too hard for me to accomplish but

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Crochet Diapers with Sashay Ruffles

Basic Diaper Cover Pattern Pattern

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Diaper Cover With Ruffles Introducing a basic diaper cover pattern. I say this is basic as the design is exceptionally easy to follow with giving options of versatility for any

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Crochet Ripple Hat

Crochet Ripple Hat Pattern

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Ripple Hat Introducing the Ripple Hat and Scarf by Red Heart. The colour spoke to me prior to choosing this pattern. The hues of purple, blue and white lured me in

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Big Bloom Hat

Crochet Big Bloom Hat Pattern

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Crochet Big Bloom Hat Adorable and oversized bloom gives this Big Bloom Hat its name. Designed for girls with a wonderful usage of lacy looking stitches with a subtle button

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Boutique Fleecy Yarn, Hair Scrunchie

Fleecy Hair Scrunchies & Accessories

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Hair Scrunchies Have fun making Hair Scrunchies using a brand new yarn! Introducing Red Heart Boutique Fleecy. This is a new yarn line that is made up of fleece and

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Snow Crochet Wreath

Crochet Snow Wreath Pattern

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Snow Crochet Wreath It’s not hard to deny that Repeat Crafter Me is one of the best inspirational blogs on the internet. Time and time again, people are using free

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Crochet Holiday Wreath Pattern

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Holiday Wreaths You can make large wreaths with your crochet hook to be in any shape you want. For Christmas, using a coat hanger is easy to shape into a

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Crochet Doll

Crochet Peg Leg Pete Pirate Amigurumi Doll Pattern

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Peg Leg Pete Pirate Doll I crocheted a pirate to bring with me on The Crochet Cruises as our mascot. Peg Leg Pete is a combination of skill-building from other

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Stunning, Colourful Crochet

Lion Brand Crochet Picnic Patterns

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Crochet Picnic Patterns with Lion Brand With Summer coming up fast, Picnics are a great way to enjoy the sunshine, life and all its bounty. Diva Dan loves to go

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Crochet Dipped Basket Edge Variegated

Crochet Dip Edge Basket Pattern

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Crochet Dip Edge Basket Using 2 strands of Bernat Blanket yarn, you can create a basket to hold your yarn, toys or other things. Easy to follow a free crochet

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Railway Knitting eBook

Learn Tunisian with Free eBook

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Learn Tunisian Crochet with Dela Wilkins Dela Wilkins is the one and only Railway Knitter. Her nickname is exactly what you would imagine it to be. She does Tunisian onboard

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Crochet Ceres Cap

Crochet Ceres Cap Pattern

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Crochet Ceres Cap Have you seen the Ceres Cap? It’s using Vanna’s Tapestry Yarn. The colours you see in the cap are naturally in the yarn ball. If you haven’t

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Yarn Hookers

Crochet By Graph – Yarn Hookers

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Marilyn Munroe Silhouette Yarn Hookers – Graph Crochet Have you heard of Yarn Hookers before? I hadn’t until the last few months. The website isn’t what you think it might

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