Crochet Pocket Shawl

Crochet Perfect-Pockets Shawl Pattern by Sonja

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Crochet Pocket Shawl The Crochet Perfect-Pockets Shawl by Sonja Hood is a viral concept that is flying around online. As a courtesy to the community, we are blogging about this

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Crochet Harlequin Blanket

Crochet Harlequin Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Harlequin Blanket Pattern The Crochet Harlequin Blanket is made up of motifs that are unique. These are solid granny squares without holes that may concern a mom. The one

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Crochet Aran Isle Blanket

Crochet Aran Isle Throw Pattern

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Crochet Aran Isle Throw The Crochet Aran Isle Throw is subtle textures that make this blanket a classic design. The pattern has a 10-row repeat throughout the body of the

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Crochet Basketweave Diamond Blanket

Crochet Basketweave Diamond Texture Blanket

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Crochet Basketweave Diamond Texture Blanket The Crochet Basketweave Diamond Texture Blanket is really a fabulous opportunity to do a unique blanket. A free pillow pattern that compliments this blanket is

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Crochet Bobble Scarf

Crochet Bobble Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Bobble Scarf The Crochet Bobble Scarf is just fun! With peek-a-book bobbles that pop off the background of the scarf. The two colours are worked together where the gray

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Caron Crochet Cables Blanket

Crochet Cables Afghan Pattern

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Craft a New Classic, with the Crochet Cables Blanket Comfort and style come together in this fresh new classic blanket pattern. Made with four balls of Caron One Pound in

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Crochet B-Spoked Pillow

Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow Pattern

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Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow The Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow is round and 16″ in diameter. There is an easy repeat on this to make it fun to follow along with little mistakes.

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