21 Crocheted Easter Basket Patterns

Crochet Easter Baskets Pattern

Crochet an Easter Basket

It is time to start planning for the upcoming Easter holiday with it being only 4 weeks away.  I have found so many wonderful crocheted Easter Basket patterns to share with you.  I think these are so much better than store-bought baskets because we all know that our crocheted items are made with love.  I am still trying to decide myself which ones I’ll be making for my granddaughters this year.  Even if you don’t have little ones, these baskets make great home decor.

crochet mini scalloped edge basket by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crocheted Mini Scalloped Edge Basket by Jeanne Steinhilber

I have linked to Mikey’s video below, How to Crochet a Magic Circle, since you will find several patterns that start off with that technique.

I hope you find some inspiration from this list. 😉

  1. Bunny Egg Basket – this one features a bunny graph design on the side of the basket.
  2. Basket – you can either purchase fabric yarn or make your own from t-shirts.
  3. Bunny Basket – a sweet bunny complete with ears.
  4. 1st Easter Basket – this one features a sweet bow for baby’s first Easter.
  5. Barbie Easter Basket & Egg – perfect to make a matching basket for your dolls.
  6. Basket of Carrots – cute idea to make for your little bunnies.
  7. Crocheted Rope Basket – great photo tutorial of how to crochet over rope.  My friend makes these and uses clothesline rope from the hardware store.
  8. Basketweave Basket – this one is done a bit different as the bottom and side are done separately and then whipped together, but has a real basket look to it.
  9. BonBon the Owl – I know owls don’t really make you think of Easter, but this one is so colorful I had to include it.
  10. Chunky Basket – I love the thick yarn and substantial handle on this one.
  11. Basket of Granny Squares – just as the name suggests, this one features a pretty ring of grannys around the side of the basket.
  12. Crochet Easter Basket – this traditional basket as a really pretty stitch design.
  13. Crocheted Bunny Basket – amigurumi bunny is the focal point of this amazing project.
  14. Square Easter Basket – love the idea of using plastic canvas to make a nice firm basket for holding lots of jelly beans.
  15. Crochet Easter Basket – this sweet little basket can be easily decorated in many ways.
  16. Hanging Egg Basket – beautiful thread baskets for individual eggs.  I used Google Translate and the directions are still a little confusing, but the photo tutorial is very good.
  17. Honeycomb Pop Basket – feature pops of color in such a fun way!
  18. Little Egg Baskets – for individual eggs or a very special treat.
  19. Magnificent Moss Basket – this beautiful stitch leads to many great color combos.  You will have to register to download the free pattern, but this is a safe site.
  20. Shelled Easter Basket – pretty design that your little girls can use as a purse after the holiday.
  21. Mini Scalloped Edge Basket – my own design for a fun little treat basket.
  22. BONUS17 Crochet Easter Bunnies

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