37 Crochet Wedding Patterns

Crochet Wedding Projects
Crochet Wedding Projects
Crochet Wedding Projects

37 Crochet Wedding Project Ideas

Inspired by wedding ceremonies, projects can be easily manipulated to change things up to match themes and the loving couple that’s about to tie the knot.

My collection of free patterns are inspired by the actual ceremony or maybe even a customized gift for the happy couple to be.

One of my favourite Toasts for a Wedding for Paul and Hayley on YouTube. The bridesmaid is really creative with her toast. I have no idea how she remembered her entire toast.

Crochet Bridal Bouquet
Crochet Bridal Bouquet

Here are Some Ideas Specifically for the Ceremony

Bouquets & Accessories

  1. Crochet Bridal Bouquet of Flowers (shown in pic)
  2. Crochet Bridal Bouquet Wrap for Bouquet
  3. Crochet Bridal Bouquet Cozy
  4. Crochet Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere
  5. Crochet Elegant Bridal Bouquet
Crochet Bridal Garter
Crochet Bridal Garter

Traditional Add Ons

  1. Crochet Wedding Lace Garter
  2. Crochet Bridal Garter shown in pic
  3. Crochet 1895 Garter
  4. Crochet Intricate Floral Headband
  5. Crochet Wedding Headdress
  6. Crochet Bridal Baubal Choker
  7. Crochet Katya Choker
Shine Like Diamonds Shawl
Shine Like Diamonds Shawl

Crochet Shawls

  1. Crochet Floral Shawl
  2. Crochet Yes Yes Shawl
  3. Crochet Lace Fans Shawl
  4. Crochet Shine Like Diamonds Shawl
  5. Crochet Lacy Shawl
  6. Crochet Fluffy Meringue Shawl
  7. Crochet Simply Shawl
  8. Crochet Wedding Shawl
  9. Crochet Broomstick Lace Shawl
  10. Crochet Globetrotter Shawl

Mother of the Bride

  1. Crochet Happy Tears Hankie
Crochet Heart's Desire Ring Bearer Pillow
Crochet Heart’s Desire Ring Bearer Pillow

Wedding Friends Participants

  1. Crochet Heart’s Desire Ring Bearer Pillow
  2. Crochet Textured Flower Wedding Pillow


  1. Crochet Scalloped Round Doily
  2. Crochet Water Lily Table Flowers
  3. Crochet Doily Slingers (aka bunting)
  4. Crochet Wedding Favor Box Gift Topper
  5. Crochet Wedding Bears
  6. Just Married Bride and Groom Dolls – absolutely adorable.
  7. Crochet Center Piece for Table
Crochet Mr and Mrs Pillows
Crochet Mr. and Mrs. Pillows

Wedding Gift Ideas To Take Home

  1. Crochet Mr & Mrs Pillows – You can customize these.
  2. Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt
  3. Crochet Wedding Bears
  4. Crochet Wedding Ring Filet Crochet Afghan