5 Helpful Polymer Crochet Hook Tutorials

Crochet Polymer Clay Custom Hooks
Crochet Polymer Clay Custom Hooks
Crochet Polymer Clay Custom Hooks. Picture from Yay for Yarn.

Make Your Own Customized Clay Hooks

Making your own customized clay handles are doable with a bit of practice and more.

General Tips for Polymer Clay, getting started is not as hard as you may think. Essentially, you need to prepare the clay for your handle and then bake at the end of the moulding process to harden up the clay to your handle.

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Due to the smell of the baking of this clay, you may want to consider a toaster oven concept and not your regular cooking oven.

Generally speaking, I love the look of the hooks but there are factors to consider:

  1. Consider the weight of the clay when added to a hook. When adding clay, it will add to the overall weight of the hook. Heavier hooks can lead to exhaustion with your fingers, wrists or weight of arms.
  2. Consider the shape. If this is for you, be realistic on how you hold the hook. Think about thumb depression in hook for orientation. For myself, I would never use a hook that doesn’t have a thumb depression as I tend to look orientation of the hook as I tend to look away. The more times you try to re-orientate the hook into your hands, the slower you will crochet.
  3. Consider the length of the polymer that is added. If the handle is too short, it may jab into the palm of your hand or not balanced corrected if using it like a pencil grip.
  4. Consider the crocheters grip. Crocheters can hold it like a butter knife or even pencil grip. Others have their own unique ways of holding it. The same design for both ways to grip is highly unlikely.
  5. Consider the cost of the polymer. If selling these hooks, the more you use, the more expensive the hook is to make. If doing this for a living, consider making the hooks in batches to save overall production time and costs.
  6. Consider finding online source for bulk hooks. Find an online source where you can buy in bulk the same size hooks. Consider the crocheter’s preferred size when making quantities.
  7. Ensure you finish the hook shaping to the very best of your abilities. Don’t rush through the process.
  8. Finish the hook with glazing. If you do not finish the hook with glaze, the oils of your skin will sink into the clay and stain the hook. So finish it with glaze.

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