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Angel Blankets, Hopewell Junction New York

Our mission is to gift handmade blankets to hospitals and individuals, 
so mothers can have tangible memories of their baby in Heaven. Every 
baby needs something special that "belongs" to them and every mom needs 
something to hold when they miss their baby.
We accomplish this mission in several ways. The two most common ways are 
sending blankets to hospitals to be used for miscarriages, stillbirth, 
and infant death; and mailing blankets to individuals, upon request, in 
memory of a child they lost.

Angel Blankets is a registered 501c3 not for profit. The mission 
of Angel Blankets is to send comfort to parents grieving the loss of a 
child, specifically through miscarriage and stillbirth, although I do 
send for any type of loss.  I accomplish this mission in two similar 
ways. One, I work with hospitals to provide them with handmade blankets 
to have on hand when a mother delivers a stillborn. The baby will get a 
blanket more special than a regular hospital blanket, it is then the 
parents to take home.  Additionally, I send blankets across the country 
and around the world to any loss parent who requests one through my 
website. Typically, these are families who delivered at a hospital where 
they were NOT given any special item for their stillbirth, or women who 
experienced miscarriage and would like a keepsake. Again, I send for any 
type of loss and have sent keepsake blankets in memory of older babies 
and children who have passed for various reasons.  These blankets are 
always FREE to grieving parents. We are completely donation and 
volunteer run.  While I do accept donations of money and materials 
(YARN!!) it really is most helpful to receive donations of ready made 
blankets.  The general blanket specifications are listed on the website 
and I'm happy to answer any questions through email or the facebook 

The address for the organization is Angel Blankets
                                       PO box 1230
                                   Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
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