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Crochet Apple Dishcloth
Crochet Apple Dishcloth

Crochet an Apple Dishcloth

Today’s pattern is the Apple A Day Dishcloth which is easy to make. The last two rounds of the apple are what give the final shape. You need to take your time when doing these two final rounds so your counts are consistent.

You can be creative with the colours to customize it. Another idea I had, I could have done the entire apple in red or green so it doesn’t look like the apple is sliced. Up to your own creativity on what you prefer.

Video Tutorial (Right & Left)

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7 thoughts on “Apple A Day Crochet Dishcloth + Tutorial

  1. Thanks Mikey for the great video of this Apple dishcloth! It would be nice to be able to easily see the pattern in written form . . . .I’m on my iPad, & get ads, but have yet to find an actual pattern, one where I can take a pic of it & refer to later. . . .I’m not much of a techie. . . 😉

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