31 Free Secret Patterns inside Our Book

Between the Pages of Free Crochet Patterns
Between the Pages of Free Crochet Patterns
Between the Pages of Free Crochet Patterns

The Crochet Crowd Book is loaded with other patterns as backdrop eye candy. Some patterns are free and others are not. There are 31 free patterns and a few paid patterns. Some we don’t have links for.

Daniel insisted that most of the eye candy be our own work or something we have connected to in the past. The book had a lot of stock photos meaning we didn’t know the origin of the patterns. We had most of them removed and redone during editing.

The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book

I will put the page number and link (if one) to the pattern. Ones with stock photos mean I don’t have a source for the pattern.

Patterns Shown

More Ideas

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  1. Selene

    This is a wonderful addition to the book…thank you! So glad I purchased it. I wanted to support Mikey, Dan, and the team as you provide so many FREE information and resources with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Plus I’m a librarian and I’m a stickler for copyright. Many thanks!

  2. Judy

    So great all the free patterns Mikey and the crew have created. Love the facebook site.

  3. Cindy Currin

    Wow!! That was a lot of work to get all those links😍 love you two guys…keep up the awesome work!!

  4. Lanie

    This is amazing! Thank you! I got the book today in the mail and I feel like this is the perfect little Easter egg to enjoy the book even more!!!

  5. Liz Ring

    Thanks so much for doing all that for us! Love the book!

  6. Belle Plummer

    I do love your patterns and thank you for all the freebies. How about patterns for the Jewish holidays? There are lovely holidays throughout the year but I only see 6 pointed star designs. It really be nice to see Passover designs, designs for Rosh Hashanah, and Purim, to begin.

    • Hi Belle,

      Michael has stated that since our team is not from the Jewish Faith, he would hate to be disrespectful of the faith and attempting to design something for Jewish holidays. He has gotten the requests often. As the projects he films are more holidays in general, but he does not film or design faith based projects.

      So very sorry that we do not know of any projects that can fill your request. Maybe asking for recommendations in a crochet group can help you locate projects that would be acceptable for you.

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