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Loom Knit Double Rib Stretchy Wrap

Loom Knit: Stretchy Striped Comfort Wrap

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The Loom Knit Double Ribbed Stretchy Wrap is my latest creation on the 22″ flat loom. It’s using a double ribbed wrapping technique. Sizing The wrap is 76″ long unstretched.

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Crochet Winter Set

Crochet Winter Combo Patterns

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Summer definitely feels like it’s over here. It’s cold out especially in the mornings, I dread taking the kids to the bus stop. That means its time to dig out

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Crochet Circle In A Square Pillow

Crochet Circle In The Square Pillow Pattern

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This is such a great pillow pattern to create for any room, especially if you have yarn ends you are looking to use up. You could also easily use this

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Crochet Head to Toe Patterns

Crochet Head-To-Toe Patterns

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Crochet Head-To-Toe Patterns This is a fun little collection of patterns that are not only cute but somewhat practical as well. Hats, and Cuffs and Cowls oh my! I see

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Crochet Rainbow Dreams

Crochet Rainbow Dreams Patterns

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Crochet Rainbow Dreams Patterns I have recently seen a few requests from people looking for patterns for a Rainbow Baby Blanket. I have a rainbow baby and I thought gathering

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My First Knit Sweater Cardigan

My First Knit Summer Vest Knit Along Pattern

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My First Knit Sweater Knit Along My First Knit Sweater Knit Along is being hosted by Marly Bird. Starting on May 4th. You can sign up for this, which is

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Crochet Basket Madness Collection

6 Crochet Basket Madness Patterns

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Crochet Basket Madness Patterns I have a bit of an obsession with baskets. I’m not entirely sure why it may be because I come from a long line of basket

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Bright Hats and Mitts Garland

Knit Brights Hats & Mitts Garland Pattern

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Knit Brights Hats & Mitts Garland Garland is a fun way to decorate any room and this Knit Bright Hats & Mitts Garland is a super cute addition to any

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