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Crochet Caron Cakes Entrelac Blanket

Entrelac Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Entrelac That Appears Like A Quilt Create an amazing quilt look-a-like using large entrelac crochet squares. The squares are much larger measuring 3″ x 3″. It gives the illusion of

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Entrelac Crochet Tips for Afghan Creation

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Valuable Insider Tips for Afghan Making Entrelac Crochet has been one of the hardest elements for me to understand with Crochet. I have seen this concept in books since I

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Crochet Entrelac Rectangle

Entrelac & Rectangular Afghans

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Entrelac Rectangular Afghans For those that prefer to do Entrelac in a rectangular, yet done in a circle formation, I’ve figured out the math to make it happen so it

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Crochet Caron Cakes Entrelac Blanket

Crochet Caron Cakes Entrelac Afghan Pattern

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Crochet Caron Cakes Entrelac Afghan Have fun with Caron Cakes and Entrelac Afghan Techniques at the same time. The colour changing of Caron Cakes makes Entrelac, super exciting in my

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Entrelac Jester's Bag of Tricks

Crochet Jester’s Bag of Entrelac Tricks

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Crochet Jester’s Bag of Entrelac Tricks Introducing a Mikey Original design called the Crochet Jester’s Bag of Entrelac Tricks. It uses Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn as a foundation with

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Country Crochet Quilt Pattern

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Crochet Country Quilt Crochet Entrelac Style can be a lot of fun with slowly transitioning yarn. Though the yarn depicted is discontinued, it was called Bernat Mosaic. For the colour

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Entrelac Borders

Tunisian Entrelac Border Pattern

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Entrelac Borders Most crocheters and Tunisian knitters prefer to have a flat border around their Entrelac projects. I don’t blame them as the technique of Entrelac does make the mini

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Tunisian Entrelac in a Square

Tunisian Entrelac in a Square Afghan Pattern

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Tunisian Entrelac in a Square This is Tunisian Entrelac that is completed in a square. It starts off with one box in the centre and then goes around, very much

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Entrelac Afghan Pattern

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Entrelac Afghan + Video Tutorial Entrelac Crochet is the art of creating gorgeous afghans that have boxed shapes that grow with each other. The concept is really easy once you

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Entrelac in Rows Afghan Project

Tunisian Entrelac Crochet in Rows Afghan Pattern

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Tunisian Entrelac in Rows Learn how to do Entrelac in Rows. The pattern looks pretty detailed, and it is, but I will help you break it down to bite sizes

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