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Crochet & Fleece Mixing

Crochet Fleece & Fabric Quilts Pattern

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Crochet and Fleece Mix Back at the beginning of last fall, a friend introduced me to mixing crochet with fleece. I have seen it before but I hadn’t given it

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How to Attach Fleece to Existing Crochet Project

Add Fleece to Crochet Project

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How to Attach An Existing Crochet Project to Fleece If you had intentions of matching a crochet project to the fleece for a backing. In previous articles, I have shown

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How to Add Crochet Border to Fleece

How To Add Border to Fleece

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How to Add Border to Fleece For any size of fleece, even if you just wanted to crochet a simple border around fleece to hand off to a charity, it’s

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How to Cut Fleece for Matching Crochet Projects

Back Crochet Project with Fleece

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How to Cut Fleece for Crochet Backings This project was presented on board the Crochet Cruises for October 2017 and again June 2018. The goal is to cut the Fleece,

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How to Add Fleece to Crochet Projects

Adding Fleece to Crochet Projects

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How to Add Fleece to Crochet Blankets I have was heavily inspired by the Troublemakers, they call themselves that, from Arizona that are part of Project Linus and have been

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