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Caron Cupcakes Yarn

What To Do With Caron Cupcakes Yarn

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What To Do With Caron Cupcakes Yarn Caron Cupcakes are 100% Acrylic and are designed for smaller projects. Packaged as a cupcake, it just makes sense to call it Caron

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Crochet Ruana Poncho

Crochet Ruana Poncho Pattern

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Crochet Ruana Poncho The Crochet Caron Ruana was probably the biggest reaction during the live reveal at the Secret Reveal Party. It is featuring Caron Sprinkle Cakes. The colour you see

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Crochet Summer Poncho by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Poncho Summer Pattern

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Crochet Summer Poncho Pattern Last summer, Mikey taught us the Cool Poncho pattern. We had lots of requests to make this in the round instead of 2 separate panels stitched

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Warm C2C Shawl by Mikey

Crochet Warm C2C Shawl Pattern

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Crochet Warm C2C Shawl This Warm C2C Shawl is done differently than conventional C2C. C2C means Corner to Corner for anyone confused at this point. This is doing with clusters

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Crochet Simple Texture Scarf

Crochet Simple Texture Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Simple Texture Scarf This stitch is known by a few names for this Crochet Simple Texture Scarf. It’s called the Moss Stitch or even the Linen Stitch. This is

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Glacier Cowl by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Glacier Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Glacier Cowl Pattern On my recent trip on a Crochet Cruise, I crocheted this simple Glacier Cowl to wear on an excursion to the top of a glacier in

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