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Tunisian Timeless Blanket

Timeless Tunisian Blanket

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Michael challenged me to master this Timeless Tunisian Blanket.  I scanned the pattern and thought what am I seeing here?  I just wasn’t able to wrap my head around the

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Study of Transition and Texture

Crochet Study of Transitions Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Study of Transition & Texture Afghan The Crochet Study of Transition & Texture Afghan is a simpler textured-based project. As an educator, sometimes I just want to crochet for

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Crochet Cowl Neck Dog Coat 2

Cowl Neck Dog Coat Pattern

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Crochet Cowl Neck Dog Coat It’s getting colder, not only is it time to start making warm stuff for ourselves, but we want to keep our furbabies warm too! This

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Crochet Call the Midwife Blanket Off White

Crochet Vintage Call the Midwife Baby Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Call the Midwife Baby Blanket The Crochet Call The Midwife Baby Blanket wasn’t actually a baby blanket and was never called the Call The Midwife Blanket. It was simply

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Crochet Ocean Waves Afghan

Crochet Ocean Waves Pattern

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The Crochet Ocean Waves Textured Blanket is very similar to a regular crochet wave stitch. The significant difference is that in every other row, you will use the back loops

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Crochet Cat Witchy Hat

Crochet Witch Cat Hat Pattern

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Crochet Halloween Witchy Cat Hat Halloween is fast approaching this Crochet Witchy Cat Hat is a fun take on the witches hat. Michele Wilcox designed this cute and easy Witchy

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Crochet Top Down Shawl

Top Down Shawl Pattern

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Crochet Top Down Shawl Learn to crochet the Crochet Top Down Shawl. It works up from the top of the neck and down. Due to this formation, you can go

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It's a Beautiful Whirled Wrap

Crochet It’s a Beautiful Whirled Shawl Pattern

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The Crochet It’s A Beautiful Whirled Wrap was the first design that Jimmy Beans Wool requested I design. I prefer to design for free as I lack confidence in my

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Crochet Corner to Corner Afghan

Corner to Corner Afghan Pattern

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Corner to Corner Afghan Project Corner to Corner Afghans is really popular right now. They are easy to follow and create. What appeals to everyone is the speed at which

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Crochet Herringbone Stitch Cowl

Crochet Herringbone Stitch Chevron Cowl

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The Crochet Mia’s Herringbone Chevron Cowl is actually pretty easy. It uses the Herringbone Stitch, which is demonstrated in the tutorial below. It’s easy to follow the pattern and it’s

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