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Large Crochet Picot Flowers

Large Picot Crochet Flowers Pattern

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Give Your Projects A Finishing Touch Flowers are one of the most used applique ideas for adding to projects. They provide the finishing touches that really can make a project

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Gumdrop Yarn

Crochet Gumdrop Baby Dress Pattern

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Vibrant Baby Wear This super adorable baby dress comes in 4 sizes. Pattern includes 6, 12, 18 and 24 months’ instructions. I have found the instructions super easy to follow

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Crochet Pleated Little Sweetie Dress

Little Sweetie Dress with Pleats Pattern

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Pleated Little Sweetie Dress Introducing the Little Sweetie Dress. Due to extreme demand from our audience, many have asked for this dress to have more draping or pleats at the

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