Michael Sellick aka Mikey of The Crochet Crowd
Michael Sellick aka Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd Community Guidelines

Updated Sept 15, 2017

The Crochet Crowd / The Knit Crowd has revised our Community Guidelines in light of changing social behaviours and interactions online.

Attached is a PDF of our community guidelines that our team is basing decisions when keeping our community environments fair to all.

Read Our Guidelines

By participating in our communities, you automatically agree to these guidelines as a general base of what is appropriate postings and social interactions with other community members and our team.


  1. Kay

    Hi Ricky – respect and kindness? Easy ask. Thank you

    • Tracy Sagona

      I will be kind and courteous to my fellow crafters of all mediums which in this case is crochet.

  2. Grace

    I have read and agreed with the community rules and guidelines and would love to be a part of this community please.

  3. Leslie Ellingson

    I will always be supportive and kind to all – I love learning from the community of learners. After all we are all learners even if we teach.

    Love the inspiration from the crochet crowd.

    • Mikey

      Thank you Leslie for trusting in us to deliver inspiration.

  4. Rita Roberts

    I have read guidelines and agree with. I would love to be part of your community

  5. Rebecca

    Oops..forgot to say I have read and agree with the guidelines and stuff..

  6. Rebecca

    Hello Mikey
    I recently decided to learn knitting and crocheting and came across your tutorials and I have lots of them already bookmarked. I appreciate your user-friendly explanations and terminology PLUS you address the all-too-common issue of straight edges as well.
    I sincerely hope you will keep up your site and videos because they are fun to watch and I love hearing you laugh, it makes croceting that much more fun.

    To be honest I think I like crocheting better than knitting, you don’t have to worry about stitches slipping off a needle and if you make a boo-boo it is usually easy to see and it is easier to undo lots of stitches (even an entire row) then redo it than to knit and knit then at some point you look at a big hole and say (and I am using nice words here) “Gee golly..I dropped a stitch..or two” then have to go through a battery of knitting acrobatics to try and pick up a lost stitch.

    Anyways, that’s enough noise out of me. Keep up the awesomeness and keep laughing…it helps the day go by better. 🙂

    • Patricia Mc Dermott

      Just had to rip out four rows of work because of a error. Not a happy camper. Just curious, what is the most you had to rip out because of a error?

  7. Dawn Calkins

    I used to get fairly regular emailings from Mikey. Are those no longer being sent?

    • Mikey

      We stopped last year to cut operational costs. Records indicated most people don’t open their newsletters. So we diverted to spending more time on other things. I’m sorry.

  8. marzi

    Hi. Do you have book for crochet?

  9. Wilma Goodwin

    I used to receive your emails. I don’t anymore but would like to. I always enjoyed all postings. Please add me.

  10. Beca Vista

    I have read community agreement I’m looking forward to learning and joining your community


    I am making a corner to corner graphgan into a rectangle blanket I understand I have to increase one side and decrease the opposite side to make it a rectangle shape. The row that I am working on is asking for 24 blocks but I am only getting 23 if i increase one stitch it starts the beginning of the next row. what do I have to do to get 24 blocks on the row that I am working on

  12. Monika Liddle

    Have read and agree to the guidelines. Just completed the Planet Earth blanket. Love it. Can’t wait till the next stich along.

    • Pam G.

      Question, I want to try a new way to do a 3d lllusion block with a chervon pattern. I have a friend on facebook that have done it. But wondered if or had anyone ever did a pattern in that way? If not. As a experment, I want to try to do one that way. Is there point on trying to make a new pattern like that. Just in case some one did do one and thought I was taking without asking of that pattern. It also a change to give a new idea hopefully.

  13. Bobbi Miller

    I agree to the guidelines. Love all the tutorials on this site.

  14. Maryann Knox

    I have read the community guidelines and I agree.

    • MLW

      I don’t see a “join” option; have read the guidelines and agree, but this is the only place I can see to agree to terms. Thanks.

      • Diane Christopherson

        Diane Christopherson
        I agree with the guidelines but I can’t find a place to “join.” Another question; I would like to find a list of those who accept our donations. I was unable to find a link. Your response would be appreciated.
        P.S. Am a relatively new to crocheting, but have been knitting for more years that I want to admit.
        Thanks again. Diane

  15. Tamara Brisbay

    This is a question for Michael Sellick, I would love to make your pattern “Forget me Not flower”, in an adult size but I am challenged as how to convert it if it can be done. I know that my other option is to piece together squares but I would like one large one. Let me know if you can help me to figure this out. Thank you in advance.

  16. debbie goodwin

    how do I join the community please I am in uk and can I enter for the spring garden event please with photo of my blanket or is it just USA

  17. Cynthia Holten

    I’ve read the guidelines and agree. Crocheting is my absolute favorite hobby and has been for over 60 yrs. In the past, I made numerous baby items, doilies, and gifts. I’ve been an active member of an on-line group for over 10 yrs. in which I donate crochet squares and/or assemble “comfortghans” for those in need.

    • Wendy Crunkleton

      Read and agree. So excited to start this journey of crochet with y’all! I’m still a crochet newbie 🙂

      • Pam Gibbs

        read and agree.

  18. Nancy Andreasen

    read and agree. I’ve been doing the 2019 stitch along with my mum after JoAnn’s sent her an email regarding the challenge. We are both avid crocheters and crafters. My talents lie more in embroidery but I crochet shawls that I donate to my mum’s church for the prayer shawl ministry. Mum mostly quilts, (She’s working on several quilt of valor projects) but crochets baby hats that she donates to the local hospital for their new born babies to go home in. This stitch along has turned out to be surprisingly simple and quick and the resulting blankets are adorable. Two of my children are getting married this year and mum and I have agreed that these blankets will make lovely gifts for their new families.

  19. Brenda Johnson-Adkins

    I’m a long time fan of your videos and a great customer to Michaels plus I just received my order of Caron Big Cakes in Cookie Crumble and ButterCream. I also got the Linen Stripes and am almost finished with the Brown Butter Shawl. Love all of the Crochet Crowd patterns and videos so easy to follow and they have taught me all that I know about crocheting from the very begining until now 3 yrs ago was my introduction to learning how to crochet and I owe all that I learned to the Crochet Crowd. I truly want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your time and sharing with so many skilled and unskilled. I have read your terms and agree hopefully I can become part of the community.

  20. I’m also not sure if this is the right forum to ask a question. I am trying to make a Afghan using the wave ripple pattern. The problem I am having is that after a few rows I keep coming up short of stitches on one end. I have started over from the beginning at least 4 times n it keeps happening n it is always the same end that comes up short on stitches at end of row. I do not know why. Can anyone help me ?
    Thank You
    Suzy B.

    • Theresa Prendergast

      I have read your guidelines and i agree.

  21. Heather Joseph

    I’ve read and agree to abide by the guidelines. Thanks!

  22. Jay Morris

    I have read the guidelines and I agree.

  23. Merry Latona

    I’m trying to join the group but keep getting an error message.
    I have read and agree to the terms.

  24. Denise N Fortney

    I have read and agree.

  25. Kristen Theobald

    I have read and agreed!

  26. Margaret Morgan

    I just left the FB group. There were too many unkind, racist remarks toward a lady who felt offend by someone’s project. I’m shocked to see such intolerance towards someone.
    This was very disappointing to see. I love to crochet, but love was lacking in those comments.

  27. Lynda Lorenzo

    Have read and agree. Thanks.

  28. Mary Peterson

    Hi Mikey … I love your tutorials. I do have a qurstion/request. When you calculate out a pattern that requires continuing established increases and the pattern has various sizes, could you please include the number of stitches required to accomplish the desired result for the larger sizes? I never seem to get the correct results. Specifically, I want to make the turtleneck cape but I simply cannot get my numbers to calculate correctly. Can you help me?

    • Understood. That type of design was by the designers of Yarnspirations. I totally see your point as well and have fallen into the trap of getting counts wrong as well. I will see what I can do on the tutorial work when that is a factor. Generally I do, but maybe I skipped it in this case.

  29. Carolyn Reyes

    I agree to the community guidelines

  30. Carolyn Reyes

    I’m trying to learn how to entrelac with the larger squares. But can’t find the video on it anymore. Could anyone be nice enough to help me please.

    • If you stitch across a set number of stitches like 12, you need 10 rows high to be square. So if you had 20 sts across, you would do 18 rows.

      The number of rows is always 2 less than the stitch count number across. Hopefully that helps you.

  31. Valerie Courtney

    I agree to the rules and guidelines of this commenty and have read. Thanks!

  32. Leslie Hannon

    I agree to the rules and guidelines of this group.

  33. Jitule Vrtule

    Have read and agree. Thank you.

  34. Micki

    Have read and agree. Thank you.

    • Maria

      Hello! I am a happy new member, learning how to interact with this wonderful group. Today I posted something and soon after that an admin turned off comenting for my post. I ‘d like to know if there is a particular reason for that. As I said I am learning! Thank you for your patience with ‘newbies’…

      • Maria, you can email us at [email protected] and inquire. I don’t know which post you are referring to. I would like to help you. I cannot search anything on my blog to be able to assist you with this. Give us the link that was turned off when emailing through and I will ask the girls.

  35. Deb Bennett Jonsson

    I have a question and I have asked it several times in the Crochet Crowd FB group but never get a reply. So, here it is again.

    So many of us sent maple leaves for the Ontario 150th anniversary. Then I had read that the tree was “put on hold” and that any updates would be posted. What ever happened to the tree and all the leaves???

    • Morning Deb,

      The tree was put into Storage at Yarnspirations. Due to construction of the NAC and the building not being ready on time for the showpiece, we missed the opportunity to put it on exhibit. We found out about 3 weeks before the set up date, the tree was shipped to Yarnspirations and put into storage for later use. We don’t have any plans in the works to have it completely finished with structural support because we lost our positioning. It needs scaffolding to put up as it’s 20 feet tall. All of us were really disappointed and I know many contributors were as well. I’m sorry.

  36. Ann Dennis

    I keep losing my way when working on an item that I set aside to do other things. When I return many times I have misplaced the hook and cannot remember which size I was using. Anyone have tips for figuring out hook size from the project being worked?

    • Maritza Slama

      I use a safety pin that I have slipped lettered beads on….. I can send a pic if you’d like!?

  37. Dorothy Hysler

    I have read the guide lines and agree with them. Dorothy Hysler

  38. Patricia

    I don’t see my post. I had asked if I could post the pattern and pictures was told yes. Did I post too much of the pattern? I don’t want to break the rules so please help me understand.

  39. Cathleen Castaneda

    Hi Mikey! I need to ask you about possible errors in the Hugs and Kisses Starshine pattern. Are you answering questions about that pattern?

  40. Ame

    Mikey, I realize two years have gone by before I tackled The Hexagon Market Tote, but I have finished it, yes, in stifling temperatures in New England. Even with a few errors, I am very proud to have accomplished a hexagon crochet stitch, which while it appears to be simple will become so confusing at the end of rows. I stayed with it, and filled my finished tote with skeins of Lilly, Sugar n’ Cream Cotton Yarn. I used Lilly N’ Cream Warm Chocolate, but I think it is more of a milk chocolate. I would love for you to see it, if you can show me where to upload an image. My tote is not perfect, but neither am I, and I still love it. Thanks again Mikey, for your painstaking time and effort with attention to detail as well as all the extras you added to your version of the Market tote. Your persistence inspired me. Ciao Bella

  41. Dena

    We see a LOT of posts talking about how their local store has a great selection or a terrible selection of yarn, how great a sale is in their town, how much yarn they bought today, etc. I thought we weren’t supposed to post things like this as it barely pertains to crochet & often the sales/selection isn’t the same in every store. We also get lots whining about a specific stitch or pattern – not asking for help…just complaining. I find it odd that on such posts the comments aren’t turned off. I understand the poster venting but then everyone gets on the train and starts complaining & nothing positive comes from it – it’s just a long thread of unnecessary gripes.

    • andy

      oh someone after my own heart ❣ stay positive we say ?☺️

  42. Louise Frederickson

    Hello there, I live in Australia where we can access a fair quantity of yarn from local suppliers but I must admit I do a lot of my yarn shopping from overseas sites. As my stash is basically made up of #3 light weight/DK which is the main type of yarn we in Australia can get, My question to you Mikey and the team I have noticed that your stitch alongs, CAL’s, patterns etc are all in #4 worsted weight yarn, so how do I amend the patterns to accommodate the lighter yarn, I have never done a gauge swatch as when I learnt about 40yrs ago no one ever used them or can you include some patterns for the lighter weight yarn. Thank you so much.

  43. Jude

    Pleased to obide by the guidelines to be part of this amazing group!

  44. Traci K Couch

    I have read the guidelines and agree.

  45. Dianne

    Like the advice. I crochet tight and it makes sense to use a larger hook to start my project.

    • Dianne

      I have read the guidelines. I’ve missed hearing from you Mikey. Pray Daniel is doing okay.

  46. Brenda Joy

    Yes I totally agree. You are spot on !

  47. Sally Hudson

    Although I haven’t posted in quite awhile, I have followed Mikey and The Crochet Crowd for many years. Imagine my surprise when I posted about the error in the Caron Floral Granny afghan pattern, to find my post in the visitors column. Is there somewhere special that I have to go to re-sign up?
    Sally Hudson

  48. Elizabeth Wilson

    I agree with your guidelines. Well written.

    • Amy Yarborough

      Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful work! I agree to your guidelines.

  49. Becky

    I absolutely LOVE and appreciate the fact that by joining your FB group I won’t be subjected to thousands of offers to follow other groups. I belong to several and I always find it rather rude when someone makes a post trying to lure readers to their website, group, Etsy page, etc. I’ve read and 100% agree to and appreciate your group rules. Well done! 🙂

  50. Barbara Nye

    Ty for adding me. Read and agree

  51. Anita

    Read and agree. Thank you for adding me

  52. Accept and agree. Love the videos, very helpful and easy to follow. I LOVE THIS!!!! LOVE SEEING THE VARIETY OF PATTERNS AND PEOPLE!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  53. Emma Harmon

    I have read and agree to the guidelines. Just a personal thank you for giving me inspiration to try new things in crochet. I have learned a lot through this group!!!!

  54. Patti Panfil

    I would like to join. Accept your guidelines, Very nice web page and colorful.

    Patti Panfil

    • Jackie Carroll

      I accept and agree to the guidelines. I also like the videos.

  55. Kimberly Kettering

    Accept and agree. Love the videos, very helpful and easy to follow.

    • Barbara Heaverin

      I have read and fully agree

    • Jineane Va Horn

      Read and agree. Great guidelines for all groups

  56. Elizabeth Kelp

    Amazing the things you must consider when setting up a group. The guidelines are well done. Love crochet and sharing ideas and patterns. Have a crochet day!

  57. Carly Breitzman

    I have read and fully agree?

  58. Nicki

    Read and agreed. Spot on with everything.

  59. Nicki

    Spot on! Nice that people are warching over each other.

  60. Katrina Matt

    Read and agreed. Thank you!

  61. Sheila Pressman

    I have read and agree with the Community Guidelines.

    • Caitlyn Rakowski

      Yes I have read and agree with your guidelines. 🙂

  62. Jeanniene N Jacques

    I have read your guidelines and I agree to follow them. Thank you in advance for adding me to the group

    • I have read and I agree ?? your guidelines, and will follow them. Thank you for adding me to the group

  63. Marie Munn

    I have read and understand the guidelines. Thank you for adding me to the group!

  64. Kelly

    I have read and agree to the community guidelines. Thank you for the acceptance of my request to join.

  65. Sheila

    Read and understand the guidelines. ?your site!

  66. Frank DeVitis

    Hi Mikey,
    I am making the Quick and Easy Blanket that you posted on your video tutorial and I can’t find the 10mm crochet hook that you used. Can you let me know where I can buy it. I appreciate your help and love your videos.

  67. Diana

    I have a picture of “Toothless the baby dragon” baby blanket that I would like to make. Do you do written graphs . I would send you the picture

  68. Lucy Villanueva

    Interesting. Looks like fun.

  69. Cat

    I am having serious trouble and desperately need help with the pattern for corner to corner double crochet afghan posted on March 29, 2016. I have followed the pattern precisely and it will fan out and increase way too much every time i try it. I started over the first time and inadvertently did not do an increase at end of the row the way the pattern said. Instead I had put two dc in last dc and then a dc in the top of the turning chain. It looked good for a while but as it got bigger it was not increasing enough to make a right angle corner. I bought enough Bernat Pop! yarn to make a queen sized afghan for myself and really don’t want to scrap it all. I did notice a comment below the video tutorial after I had my troubles with it and the person said hers looked warped. Maybe my fanning out is her warped. HELP! PLEASE???

  70. Kim

    Hi, I am making a double Crochet blanket, for my son. He wanted a 10 foot by 10 foot blanket, but that’s wat to big so I was thinking 8×8. My question is, how many do I need to chain and how many rows will I need to make this blanket? I am pretty new to crocheting, but I can do a good chain and double crochet.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Make a chain just a little looser than normal or use one size hook larger and measure with measuring tape the length of your first chain. Being is that it will stretch as you continue on with your rows to a bit larger size, guesstimate and make your chain a little shorter. Then start your toes. This is what I do unless the blanket absolutely has to be that size. Also you can make up a swatch of ten chains with larger hook for chain and one size smaller hook for blanket as before and measure that and times it by however big you want it. You can use 6 chains, or 8 chains and see how it works with a smaller piece first. Multiply that 6 or eight to see the size you need. You are new and just need to play with the yarn yet. All yarns are not the same stretch either. Cotton does not stretch at all. You will get it. Keep trying. Never give up. Ok to set it down and rest and rethink but never give up. You will really love crochet. You do already by asking questions.

    • Make a chain just a little looser than normal or use one size hook larger and measure with measuring tape the length of your first chain. Being is that it will stretch as you continue on with your rows to a bit larger size, guesstimate and make your chain a little shorter. Then start your toes. This is what I do unless the blanket absolutely has to be that size. Also you can make up a swatch of ten chains with larger hook for chain and one size smaller hook for blanket as before and measure that and times it by however big you want it. You can use 6 chains, or 8 chains and see how it works with a smaller piece first. Multiply that 6 or eight to see the size you need. You are new and just need to play with the yarn yet. All yarns are not the same stretch either. Cotton does not stretch at all. You will get it. Keep trying. Never give up. Ok to set it down and rest and rethink but never give up. You will really love crochet. You do already by asking questions.

  71. Brenda

    I posted a pic of my long vest, it is a purchased pattern. I have been ask to share a link to where I purchased it but I want to make sure this is not breaking any rules. I have not posted the pattern link or mentioned where to find it, just need to know if that would be the same as the guidelines stating:No sharing of paid patterns directly or indirectly! I enjoy seeing everyone’s projects and do not want to be banned from this site. Thank You,

  72. Rena Davidson

    I have been searching for a blanket Mikey did a tutorial of the blanket was square and each round had 2 layers. The back side looked like fishnet. I want to make this blanket for a friend. Please help me find this pattern.

  73. Denise

    I need help with a pattern. It’s called “Over The Rainbow Hood” I purchased it using Etsy.
    I don’t understand it. Any help would be appreciated.


  74. Teresa Campbell

    Hi All! I just found my Hookers Journal I made in 2015 such fun to look back on the projects I completed. I saw where the 2016 calendar was available, will the 2018 calendar be available? Thank you so much for all you do. I refer ladies in my group to look at your video esp. the C2C. So well done and easy to follow. Many thanks for all you and your co-hearts do!

  75. JuliaC

    Hello. I am relatively new to crochet and I have found your you tube tutorials to be some of the most strait forward to follow when learning new stiches and how to put things together.

    So I have always worked in and around the field of developmental services and have been trying to figure out if there is a way I can use crochet to make a weighted blanket. They are very helpful to to both children and adults with Autism Spectrum as well as people with other diagnosis. Weighted blankets are most effective when they weight at least 5 to 10% of the child or persons body weight.

    As I said I’m looking for ideas and inspiration on how this may be don’t with crochet. Thanks.

    • Vicki Stout

      I just made an extra heavy bedspread for my daughter. I worked it with two layers at one time. I used a multi color for the back and a matching solid color for the front chain squares design. I could send you a picture if you e-mail .

  76. Good Morning Mikey. I so enjoy all your tutorials and live videos. They have helped me tremendously. I have been crocheting since I was about 8 years old. But never could read a pattern and always made granny square projects. But once I found your YouTube Channel it seems all I get done is watching your tutorials and dreaming of what to make next. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedications to crochet. You are so appreciated.

  77. Pattie Arnold

    Hi Mikey,
    First let me say that I love your video tutorials. They have helped me a lot.
    I’m looking for a bedspread pattern for my son & daughter in law for a wedding gift. They live in So Cal, so I want something that is lightweight and was thinking of using cotton yarn, but I don’t know of a good pattern. Can you make any suggestions? I’d like to keep it a single neutral color because they have not yet moved into their home.
    Thanks In Advance

    • Pattie Arnold

      I forgot to say that I’d like the size to be a king size that drapes to the floor.

  78. Kenyatta Cooper

    SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS!!

    I need help. I am crocheting a never ending granny square and I ran out of one color and I can’t locate the yarn and of course I’m not finished!! Whatever shall I do??!

  79. Shulammite

    Hi,Good morning
    I am Shulamite.i am an indian.now I am in Kuwait and crocheting with Nako , BonBon, Alize yarns.
    But now I am travelling India permanently. I don’t know in India where can I get yarn.
    Can you please any advices to where can I get yarn,how can I get And which online stores were give delivery yarn to india.please…..
    Thank you Soo much in advance

  80. Hi Mikey, Jeanne and all Crochet Crowders,

    I’d like some input on my next project. Actually, it’s an older project that I am re-birthing. I have changed my mind on the stitching. You see, I am making a queen size blanket for some friends of ours that are blind.

    I’ve done the first part (5 or 6 rows) in dc and now that I am changing colors I decided I’d like to do a stitch that would be more aesthetically pleasing, something they can feel and enjoy. In order to do this I need a new stitch. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    • Christy, I love front post double crochet stitches. I think it’s my favorite stitch and one of the biggest reasons is because of the texture it produces. Take a quick search for my Watercolor Ridges blanket. I alternated the stitches and the texture is lovely. 🙂

    • Julia

      Hi Mikey! My name is Julia, thank you so much for your tutorials! I’ve learned so much from them that I’ve made quite a few baby blankets for a few friends’ babies! Now I’m in need of wedding afghan. If you have any ideas/suggestions? I’m game! By the way, go easy…I’m a novice! Thank you!

  81. Pamela

    I have friend requesting crochet feathers. I cannot find a good pattern. Help

    • Sarah Mc

      I have found a lot of good and easy patterns for vrochet feathers on Pinterest!

  82. I hadn’t posted for a while on the Facebook groups . I went to crochet along crochet Crowders and noticed that the group had been archived. So I went to the crocheted crowd and it looks like I have to join again. There is no way to post like there used to be . Are these guidelines the reason? Do I have to join again? I have been a member about five years or maybe more. I had also been receiving Mikey magazine and have noticed the last few months that I’m no longer receiving it. I estimate my last post as sometime in January . I believe my last Mickey magazine was around that time . Anyway, I miss the crochet crowd! I’ve still been crocheting . But I want to share everything with you guys.

    Oh yes! I read the guidelines and I definitely agree with them . But do I need to join again? I sent the request that I feel a little foolish . And how do I resubscribe to the magazine? I am making one of the mandalas from the crochet crowd. Really hard for me, somewhat advanced . I’ve been crocheting now for over 15 years and I rarely find a new stitch these days but there are quite a few in this one . I’m excited about it and I wanted to show it off.

  83. teresa hathcock

    I love the new layout of patterns. I can only imagine how much work went into that. Thanks to all of you for making so much information and help available. See you on the cruise in Feb 2018.

  84. Mikki Ennis Bailey

    I really miss my Crochet Crowders and Knit Crowd pages. I’m so excited and a bit intimidated and would so love their sweetness and encouragement. Yesterday, at a gun show of all places, I got my first ‘commissioned’ knitting project for one of the sellers out there!! Whaaaaaat??? Yep… I got this! LOL

    Is there anyway of bringing back the Crochetcrowders and The Knit Crowd? I’ll help if you want me too. I can spend time everyday making sure posts aren’t ugly and if they are to get rid of them asap. Or maybe I can help with the complaint emails? Seriously, anything I can do to maybe get that community back?

    I know there were some bad eggs and it broke my heart to see it. But I have to believe that the good outweighed the bad. I have to believe that some people just want to stir the pot and need to not be among us. There really isn’t room or need for ugliness. And I can totally understand the weight those negative emails must have been. But maybe some of us can help shoulder that burden so it’s not so heavy on your shoulders. I’m not talking about you hiring anyone either. I’d be happier than you could know to just volunteer my time.

    I really miss those men and women who gave me a wonderful and safe place to share my craft and my life… and my craft is my life some would say so ..yeah.

    • I miss the interaction too…. but sadly until Facebook makes some positive changes with the way groups are handled, we won’t be reopening them. ~ Jeanne

      • Ah! A clue to the answers I was looking for! I too had a recent problem with Facebook , so I understand more of your reasoning.

    • Janelle

      Hello, I am having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out a diagram pattern. http://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=7849&cid=17

      I have seen some different patterns and I understood them, but this one seems to have me feeling a bit mind-blown. Is there a way to convert it into word format or a better understanding on whats going on in the diagrams haha.

      I love your you tube videos.. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your time.

    • Suzanne

      In case you haven’t seen it or accidentally run across it like I did….for the interaction for knitting and crocheting….check out Knitting Paradise.com….it is equally crochet…very well organized and easy….love it

  85. Moodhi

    Hello ?
    I need your help please so can you help me?
    I need to know how to join squares together in c2c baby daimond blanket patter?
    Thank you

    • Mary

      And now it works.. go figure..LOL

  86. maria

    hi, I’m try to do a table cloth but it has no instrution since the book with platten there don’t make them anymore, I do love this platten but the fist ten line of the platten I can’t make them out I was hoping at you could help me out. I live in pa and it not easy finding someone to help

    Thank you for any help or suggestion you can give
    you ture

  87. Sundra Purser

    I will miss seeing the Crochet Crowd posts on my FB. I loved seeing all the artistic creations done by you and all of those who follow. I am so sorry people can’t control themselves. I guess it really separated the “haters” from the “crocheters” Thank you for allowing me to still follow you on your new site (at least, that is what I think I will be able to do)

  88. Grace

    I enjoy being part of the crochet crowd and the knit crowd it says this page has been archived 🙁 and am so sad that the crochet crowd page has been suspended. I understand how much work it is to keep things running smoothly and would like Dan, Mike, Laura and Jean (please forgive me if your names are in correct) to know that I enjoyed being part of your group and I pray that after a “vacation” you return to the happy place this use to be. Thank you for all you have done!

    • Colleen

      Why has the page been suspended ???

    • Becky Wright

      WHat Happened???? I love these sites 🙁

    • Marlene smithies

      Hi, there seem to still be new posts but I cannot respond. What have I done?

    • Lisa

      I was wondering! I thought it was just me; that I somehow did something wrong…

  89. Deborah

    I just joined the group yesterday and was hoping to get help to learn to crochet. This evening the group was archived??? Has this group closed down???

  90. Benandday Hamilton

    Read and understood! It’s so sad people have to be mean in a place that’s supposed to be for lovers of knit and things crochet. The Facebook group is archived. Does this mean no more knit along crowd group? I loved it so much! 🙁

    • Ann Leach

      Read and understood. Really enjoy seeing everyone’s projects

  91. Pamala

    Mr Mike I am trying to make the slouchy crochet beanie by Caron cakes yarn. My crochet stitches are not coming out even at all. I crochet round 1 and 2 when I get to round three my stitches are not the count of the row.,chain 2 didn’t count as a switch. And in each round join with a slip stitch first half double. In your YouTube you join to the chain 2. How can I make my stitches come out even. I am always a stitch or two off. Round 3 is 21 stitches at the end of the row I am wlwzys 1 or 2 stitches off. My stitches are not coming out even with the rows. I want to really make this hat. I have been crocheting for over 30 years or more. I have take the pattern out so many times.

  92. Jenny Lay

    Hello, I did leave a message on another page I think it went to Mikey, but I’m not sure. Anyway I have a pattern that is a fanthrow it has pineapple fan edging and I am about to pull my hair out. You crochet the center first then break off the thread and make the edging separate and attach to the center. I am not sure I am getting the directions right. Do you have a video that would help? Thanks and I love all the pictures you get on facebook.

  93. Patti

    Hi. I used to receive “Mikey Magazine” via email monthly, but a few months ago it stopped. I can’t find a place on the site to subscribe again. I love “Mikey Magazine”!!! In fact, I love the whole site–I’ve learned SO much from the tutorials.

      • Dena

        Darn, I wondered what happened to it. I got every PDF of the magazine. :/

      • Cathi

        There won’t be any more issues?

      • Oh no! Well I have another answer. Maybe I should have read further before I posted my comment above. But I just want to comment that I miss both the Facebook pages and the magazine .

  94. Marcie

    I left the crochet crowd crochet along group today. I was appalled to find a phallic and vulgar post on what is supposed to be a family friendly site! Whats worse, there is no outright ruling about this, and there are posters who attacked me over being offended about this post. I would love to rejoin, but only if something is done about this kind of disturbing situation.

    • I’m sorry you felt the need to leave. That post was removed very quickly. But do realize that we cannot monitor very post or comment 24/7. But there are groups that are 100% monitored and those might be a better fit for you. Best wishes ~ Jeanne

  95. Wanda Jones

    I just want to say I LOVE the Crichet Crowd. I searched and searched to find an easy mermaid tail blanket to mak my niece for a gift. And found your video that was absolutely so easy. You saved me!!! I found it so easy to follow. You all have been so great in sharing your talents with the community and it is much appreciated. Thank you. Please continue to share yourselves with us that really want to learn more. You all are awesome.

    • Christine

      I too feel the same about our special group.
      So happy I found you’ll.

  96. Marianne Squire-Maszer

    Read and understood. Thank you Mikey, et al! Glad to be here!

  97. olivia hicks

    Hello, everyone!
    I am trying to figure out how to make a tunisian crohook graphghan. I have Lily Chin’s video, but she doesn’t go in to detail how to change multiple colors to make a design within the two colors of each round. I’ve subscribed to Crochet Crowd–great work!–but haven’t found anything about this technique.

    Any suggestions where I can look, of if this is a planned youtube vid for the future?

    Thanks for any help!

    Olivia H.

  98. Barbara Bryant

    I have been searching for a crochet pattern for a mans cardigan. There are thousands of knit pattens, but no crochet. Any suggestions?

  99. Barbara Bryant

    Do you need to be a member to ask a question? Also, is the answer only found here or do you respond to email address? Thanks. Just found your site. Barbara

  100. Gayle Jacobson

    Where can we email you a private message?

      • Susan

        Check first line of guide lines “Crowd Crowd”. Should be “Crochet Crowd”?


        November 20 at 8:11pm
        Hi Mikey,I really need your help I am trying to make a queen size corner to corner blanket just like the one you made,but this is my first time. When do you stop increasing and do you change colors when you are increasing or do you wait until you finish decreasing that color and then start all over again with a different color, I am a little confused and I cant find a tutorial or a pattern like or similar to the one you made…

        Gloria Cuellar
        [email protected]

  101. Dear Mikey,

    There have been a few that have been in drama mode about the content on the site. I for one am a part of this group BECAUSE of the content. Yes it is crochet mainly, but the added posts of pets and family make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than crochet. I would hate to see it change because of a few that don’t see that aspect of it – the warmth and humanity. That said you are a delight and I have totally enjoyed being a member of the group. I hope that it remains warm in the future.

  102. Linda Curtis

    I have a question, I posted something on the FB page today and just wanted to make sure I did it right. Or do I have to submit it somewhere else first?

  103. Carol

    Hi Mikey,
    I enjoy your tutorials very much. Is there any way you could please do a tutorial on the Umbrella Shell Stitch?

  104. Werner Klemm

    Hi Mikey,

    I have been following your Reading Crochet Diagrams with interest. You state that the materials you use can be found on your website. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all your great work. Werner Klemm

  105. I love your FB site and participate often. Today someone kept posting things inside a thread I started. I’m an admin of a couple other pages and know that unless someone starts a thread it’s easy to miss spam inside posts. How do I go about reporting this abuse?

  106. xristina roxy

    i am looking for a crochet stich and can not find it can you help me please?

  107. sela levi

    Dear Mickey,
    l live in turkey and was a member of your community l tryed to help about a patern to the group members about a patern l own but a lady was very mean to me and make a complain about me you banned me now l am really sorry that l acnt be in your group .I think if l made a mistake you should warn me before bann me.
    please help me want to be one of your group members

  108. Jo

    End of last year I signed into your Community Forum Group and was able to basically chat with other crochet individuals of questions I may have.
    Now I can not locate that same sign in. Have you changed it or am I just one tired out person today & it is right in front of?

    • Jo, we had a Forum at one time. We now have a branch of our community page The Crochet Crowd, that branch is a closed group. Mikey posted about it today. – Laura Jean

  109. Diana Rykiel

    I am having trouble finding the tutorial for the 5 Star Beanie Crochet Hat + Tutorial video.
    Also had trouble navigating the website to locate a place to send you this feedback. If there is a feedback area already,, please enlighten me. Thank you!

    • The pattern is in our hat collection. We have a pattern category in our top menu. Every article has a comments section. You can also reach us through Facebook to message us or leave a question.

  110. Rosalie McCreary

    Thank you for the update! It’s just kinda sad that you have to post it in the first place! But THANK YOU for the security it brings to the group!

  111. Patricia Schmidt

    You are very bang on!!!!

  112. Marty

    I have this pattern for a table topper called Morning Glory table runner. It has an instruction I don’t understand. It says 2 bls increased at beginning of row. I have tried to look up what a bls is but am not having much luck. The next instruction is bl made over bl. I can only find that a bl is a back loop. Will you help

    • where did to get the pattern? Check and see if they have it in special stitches instructions.

    • Marty

      The pattern is from freevintagecrochet.com. I couldn’t find any special instructions. It is a beautiful pattern.

      • Tomi Ann

        Google vintage crochet terms. They can be totally different. My first baby bonnet from there turned into a doily because vintage doubles are our singles. 🙁

      • Marty

        Thank you so much. I found it, it means bobble. I would never have found it on my own. You people are the greatest. Thanks again.

  113. Bang On. I’m a almost a beginner on crocheting and still have a lot to learn. If I could I would take lessons. Still slow at it and hope I didn’t bite off to much to chew signing up here. Thank You so much for this opportunity of learning all I can with what little time I have to spend learning.

  114. jeanette o'hara

    i would like to leave the group but cannot figure out how to delete myself.

    • If you are receiving our emails. Just click unsubscribe on the bottom of the email. That permanently deletes you from our data base. We do not and you will not have the ability to re-subscribe in the future. It’s a done deal. Quick and easy.

      If you are following on Facebook. Click LIKE on the cover and click UNLIKE… This will permanently remove you as well.

      Hopefully this helps you.

      • Lenore Kingsley

        I love your policies…except for permanently removing from FB or email…because i am forever clicking the wrong thing and then when i realize it and try to undo, i often can’t find how to do it. I clicked unfollow a friend but it was several days befire i accidentally discovered i could refollow! I would be absolutely heartbroken if i did that to Crochet Crowd. I do not remember how we found each other. All this new social stuff is hard for me and a bit intimidating. Had it not been for all the fires, i would never have jumped into FB. The best part is Crochet Crowd, thank you.

      • We remove people from our space. Most that are removed are aware they are they are spamming or soliciting or adding content that is inappropriate. It’s not a decision we take lightly.

  115. Linda Wicklund

    I have a question. I am brand new to your website, (today) was told about it from a lady in line at JoAnns Fabrics. Anyway, I am making dolls for orphans in Haiti and Mexico, The missionaries have made a request for 300 by Christmas. So far I have not gotten anyone to help except for yarn donations. It is acceptable to post on your facebook page requesting help in this endeavor? I can post pictures of what I have made so far. Please let me know if it is acceptable to post. thank you

  116. Bent Abooha

    please can you show us how to crochet this pattern (video tutorial) : lion brand _pattern No. L0468
    thanks a lot

    Bent Abooha

  117. Mikey I hope my post about Us running out of yarn after 11 years did not offend the “Crochet Crowd” family. It was just a statement in fact… no mean intentions at all. We love The Crochet Crowd @ Keeping Kids Warm. You and Diva Dan make Us happy to be a part of Your lives. Thank You. ..

  118. rubia

    I love being a member of the crowd crochet is a former of art I fell in love at a very young age still hooking away for grand kids I totally agree to the article must keep it fun and crochet related
    One question that I had in mind.Are we allowed to post knitted items ?

  119. Marie

    Accept and agree. Mikey do you know how to knit?

  120. roberta colburn

    HELP!!!!! I want to make a twin blanket, broomstick lace pattern. Can you tell me how many skeins of yarn I will need? Thank you Roberta

    • LuAnne

      It depends on the pattern, but most afghans use about 70-75 oz. to fit on top of twin, without much overhang. If you get more, you can always make a pillow out of leftover.

  121. You sir are awesome!Everything explained so clearly,simply and with a real feeling of love and dedication!It’s really refreshing!Greets from Amsterdam

  122. Thania Ortiz

    Mikey have you tried dying yarn? If you do can you do a video please on how to do it?

  123. Yvonne Burkee

    Mikey, Dan, Cathy & everyone else involved in making The Crochet Crowd so awesome! THANK YOU! I was first a knitter, having learned at age 9, from my grandmother; so I’ve been knitting for about 50 years! When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter (37 years ago), I found a pattern for a broomstick lace blanket and knew I had to make it for my baby. So I taught myself to crochet but have never really excelled at it. After finding your web page, Facebook page, and YouTube tutorials, I knew that I could crochet anything I wanted! The helpfulness and encouragement you show to all of the members of The Crochet Crowd is a talent not everyone is blessed with. I am so thankful to have found all of you and am anxious to start posting some of my crochet and crochet/knitting projects.

    • If you can learn the broomstick lace, you can learn anything. Start out with the videos. They are very helpful. If you can’t follow that (usually because Mikey is laughing too hard), go to you tube and type in the stitch you are trying and there should be more videos on the stitch from someone much, more boring.. Good Luck. Doreen Espinosa

  124. Kat

    I agree to all your guidelines. Not sure by what you mean by religious postings…maybe personal convictions, etc. I love the Crochet Crowd and you videos are great. I have learned sooo much. My mother crocheted all my life and crocheted with the very fine thread and very thin needles. She made pineapple dollies, bedspreads, etc. However, I haven’t advanced to that level, but have learned so very much for your tutorials. Thanks so very much.

    • Lenore Kingsley

      I have not seen anything on the religious part. I am a Christian, deeply, but i have seen people who think they are acting Christian when really, they are being a tad whacko or taking God’s job of judging…or using the wrong forum for their beliefs. Today i posted some strong feelings to a public forum of my congress person, because it was a very hot topic there. But if i made that comment here…well, you would probably let me know, right? I made a request one time here for a link to a crocheted Nativity Scene. I was very ill that day…103 temp! Thinking back, i am not sure i made the request the way i meant to. That could have been a cause for caution, but i guess people were merciful, thank you. But the request for the pattern link is still unanswered, by the way 🙂 Blessings you all!

      • Morning Lenore… We don’t allow diving too hard into any religion on our platforms. We are global in nature and have many citizens of the globe that have different belief systems. We simply stick to crochet to avoid religious fighting on our pages. We used to have a lot of it and people posting a lot of religious based content and we had to put an end to it as it always caused a huge fight. We simply avoid the subject to keep the peace.

        As far as the Nativity Scene, you can find free patterns for those on Ravelry. Just use the search engine on Ravelry and you will be able to find them.

  125. Wendy Drewes

    Mikey I was wondering if you knew that we don’t have a hat pattern for day 20 and day 24

  126. connie wilson

    The Crochet Crowd is the best thing that has ever happened to me, thank god for the internet, I have learned so many things from you Mikey

  127. Hi Mikey… i cannot share my pattern link(s) on Facebook directly because I do all my “creating” under a pseudo name to keep my identity confidential (since i have my students on my FaceBook).
    Is there any way that I can email you my patterns/blog links, and if you like it you can share it/them on The Crochet Crowd wherever you like and however you like. I only make easy and free patterns (available on my blog) and I think that people would enjoy crocheting them. Please let me know if this is an option.

  128. Deb

    I am posting an additional question. What should the dimensions be for a twin afghan and why are there more chains for the twin than for the double? Thanks so much

  129. Deb

    I am very interested in the rectangular granny afghan for a twin bed. Your tutorial is very clear, but before I do too much , I want to make sure that I am doing it correctly. I can’t understand how the afghan grows. Can you explain further.

  130. What’s up, for all time i used to check web site posts here early in the daylight, as i love to gain knowledge of
    more and more.

  131. Anna Rastrup

    Hi Mike
    I couldn’t find a mail address ,so I’ll post my thanks her.
    Let me start by saying that your page is a gift for a crochet buff like me,I came across this site, when I roamed around Youtube, looking for a pattern for Crocodile stitches,not knowing that they were called so at the time.
    I found your tutorial,and I must say, you made it look so easy.
    I signed up and, bingo, there it was, the site I had been looking for.
    I use it both as a place to find new patterns and as a place for inspiration and innovation.
    So let me end this, as I began, A huge thanks to all of you on the Crochet crowd , You have made a Danish girl more than happy.

    Best wishes

    Anna Rastrup

  132. Jaimee Maurer

    Hello, I have made varied attempts over the last year to get some of my projects posted to your FB page, but haven’t seen or heard anything posted! I believe I follow all your rules, but have only been able to submit photos to you via email. Maybe you aren’t getting them? Anyway, I love seeing the posts of everyone’s projects and I’d like to show off my skills too. Right now, feeling a little left out of the crochet crowd!

    • You have the power to post them yourself. All photos on The Crochet Crowd Facebook are uploaded and posted by the indivudals themselves. We have a policy to NOT upload photos for fans as it makes us legally liable for those photos coming from us. You are welcome to post your photos at anytime. 😀

      • Jaimee Maurer

        Guess I’m not FB-savvy enough! (Spend more time crocheting!) I will try this. Thank you for your response!

  133. Liz Young

    The angels sang yesterday when I stumble on this site. I am looking forward to exploring every nook and cranny.

    I can’t believe someone finally put together my two favorite things…crocheting and cruising…so sorry I can’t make the 2015 trip…but will definitely be on the 2016 cruise!!!

  134. Lisa

    Hey Mikey
    I love your tutorials and they are helpful and fun, but I have a problem I can’t read patterns. I have tried several times but can’t get it, I have also tried watching tutorials and some of them are so fast I have to keep pausing so I can follow the video.

    Is there an easier way for beginners to follow so that we can how to crochet other projects. I want to move on to other projects, but it is frustrating.

    If you can help please email me.


    • The speed of tutorials is a common complaint… some complain I am way too slow… others complain I am too fast… It’s a science of finding the right balance. We do have tutorials for new crocheters in the 24 Course Program that go step by step. You will find that on our youtube channel. http://youtube.com/mikeyssmail scroll down to the bottom. I’m sorry if my videos are too quick for you and that you are experiencing difficulties in following them.

      • Beverly Hauck

        Isn’t there a pause button on your pattern pages? If been to 3-4 different ones and I watch it before crocheting. That way I can remember almost the whole pattern row before crocheting. If I have to play it back, I will know most of it and will only have to watch what I forgot. I don’t think any of them were to fast, some were to repetitive, but I know how to crochet and can get it from a book if I wanted to and not even watch. It’s just different to watch crocheting instead of the crap on TV.

  135. Jeanne Broussard

    I am left handed and teaching myself to crochet using your youtube videos and self help books. I am very excited to try many different patterns.

    I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum but, I am looking for a mentor in the Gretna, LA area as I am having trouble not adding or deleting from my rows Also, reading patterns.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Jeanne Broussard
    Excited to learn

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