Around The Corner Crochet Borders: A Must Have Book

Crochet Borders by Eddie Eckman
Crochet Borders by Eddie Eckman
Crochet Borders by Eddie Eckman

Around The Corner Crochet Borders

Have you heard about the Around The Corner Crochet Borders Book by Edie Eckman? No… Let me tell you straight up my crochet friends, this is a MUST HAVE book for your resource library.

Firstly, let me tell you this is not a paid advertisement. I hold this book as one of my top 10 of all crochet books that a crocheter should have in the library. I tend never to loose this book in my heap of a crafting centre here on at home because it’s a great referral resource and I have it handy.

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I’ve never met Eddie but know she is a knitter and crocheter and definitely an expert at both.

Why Do I Love this Book?

Firstly, this book has 150 different borders to apply to afghans. I have an afghan and I am looking for a fun unique border to apply to it. How do I know which border to use? Simply my friends!

Eddie provides in the book what the multiple counts are for the border. So for example, say you have an afghan that is in divisible by 3. Your afghan may be 99 stitches long by 66 in the width. You simply thumb through the book and find borders that match the stitch counts.

If you had an afghan that was 100 stitches long by 80 stitches wide. You could use different options such as:

  • Any Stitch Multiples. Means you don’t need to worry about the multiples at all.
  • You could use Stitch Multiples of 2.
  • You could use Stitch multiples of 4.

Are you catching my drift here?

I think to myself, it’s border time. “What would Edie do?”

The book is inspiration overload. I find myself looking at the borders and determining if I want to invest time into fancy stitch work or keep it simple. It love having that choice and this book being a guide to let me make those decisions.

This book cost me about $20 CDN a few years ago. It was released in 2010 and I think is a timeless book for inspirational ideas. ISBN: 978-1-60342-538-4. You can find it on Amazon as well.

For those who have this book. I would love for you to leave a comment here on what you think of this book.

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  1. Jolie

    I own this book and it is worth every penny! It is absolutely inspirational, and sometimes I flip through it just to get ideas and plan.

  2. Marsha

    I have this book. I believe that I won it on one of Crochet Cruises. Love having the resource for different borders.

  3. ginettevincelette

    I just purchased this book on ibooks for 9.99. AMAZING! Found two perfect borders for my Blue Lagoon Afghan!

  4. Connie

    My copy of the book came in yesterday. Wow! Need I say more?

  5. I have this book. I bought it for my Kindle some time ago.I saw it on, and realized it was a book I needed to have. I don’t do this often with crochet books because there is a lot of free stuff out there that can be used.I used this book to make a border for my stitch-cation Afghan, but I had it a good while before that.I actually combined a couple of different borders to make the border for that Afghan. I also figured out which border is being used for the mystery Afghan, but I won’t tell! Mikey, you’re right about it, it’s a great book to have!

  6. Cassandra

    This book is awesome. I bought it on a whim from Barnes and Nobles one day and don’t regret it at all. It is easy to use and mixes and matches so well with numerous projects.

  7. Found it at Barnes and Noble last night. I wouldn’t have bought it without the review. It is a great book to get me out of my comfy zone & try something new! Lots of great ideas for future crochet projects.

      • Donna

        I’m picking up my copy today from Barnes and Noble, I am working on a crocodile baby blanket for an upcoming baby shower and looking for a very creative and unique border. I cannot wait to see the amazing borders that are enclosed in this book. Thank you so much for the resources and for the opportunity to explore my creativity.

  8. T Berrsley

    you got me so wanting to get this book now, have to say it does look fabulous, you said it was in the top 10 crochet books I am just wondering if you can tell us what the other 9 are and which book iyo is the absolute first place winner

  9. I also have Edie’s book and have for some time, I love, love, love it and I have mixed and matched, and used part of that one and part of another one to put together, and they turn out awesome!! I do believe that edgings make or break a nice project to utterly breathtaking, And that is this book to use for achieving that goal!! I may have to buy another one, because I am wearing this one out!!

  10. Vickie Hurst

    Just ordered it via Amazon! Can’t wait! thanks for the fabulous tip!!

  11. Linda Deutsch

    I bought the book for help with ideas for the Stitchcation afghan border and found it to be a wonderful resource.

  12. Thanks so very much for the lovely review! So glad you like the book! Please note that I’m “Edie”, not “Eddie” (just in case anybody is looking for me by my first name). Happy stitching!

  13. I went to Amazon and got the book for $14 with free shipping. I won’t get it until April 8 (probably earlier, since I have received things quicker than the estimated ship date) but that means I have another promotional credit to use later. Win-win. And there is a run on these books. There were 18 left when I ordered with more coming. You have initiated a buying frenzy! 🙂

  14. Debra Lucero

    I just bought this book and her book on joining motifs this morning. My brother and his wife surprised me three days ago with her book Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs. After going through these books I can see me getting a lot of use out of them. The possibilities are endless.

  15. Terri Rutledge-Nordyke

    I copied Ruth and went to your Amazon button and ordered the book for $14.13, free shipping and it will be here Friday thanks to my Prime subscription. Thank you for the heads-up, I’m always trying to find unique borders and I hope to use this a lot.

  16. OMG this is so exciting. I’ve been searching for a border book because I’ve just been doing a basic row or two of SCs or DCs to finish my projects and I want something with a bit more pizzazz. This is why I love this site!!!

  17. I bought this book last week and picked out a few borders that I thought would go well on the Mystery Afghan. Turns out it’s none of the ones I picked after all! I love the layout and the photos. Great to see the detail of the actual stitches right alongside the diagram.

  18. Sue Heslop

    I have 3 copies that I lend out to our Project Linus group here in Airdrie Alberta. We use the borders for fleece blankets. We also use a skip stitch roller cutter for the holes needed in the fleece to crochet the borders.

  19. Lydia R.

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m a big Crochet Crowd fan. I’ve learned so much from your tutorials. I will definitely be checking this book out. Now I’m curious though…what other crochet books are on your top 10 list? 🙂

    • Roberta Moore

      Thank you for the recommendation! I am usually overwhelmed with all the books available and don’t know which one(s) to get next! As Lydia R asked, I, too, would like to know what are some of your other top 10 books?

  20. Ruth

    I have been vacillating about getting this book. Everyone I know who has it absolutely RAVES about it. So on a whim, I clicked the Amazon link in your post, Mikey, and I scooped it up for $14 and change (USD) with free shipping (with my Prime subscription). I’m excited! (=

  21. Linda

    I have this book and it is my go too book for edging inspiration, as you said from the simple to extravagant the choice is yours to make.

  22. Jane James

    I suffered a near fatal brain haemhorage a few years ago. My mum taught me to knit when I was three, but I found that afterwards I could not get the hang of it again. I took up cross stitching, which I love, I have a a page on here called Memories Created With Love if you’re interested in having a look.
    Recently I thought I would try crochet. Never got the hang if it when I was younger. Thanks to you I am having the best time ever. It’s helping with my hand eye co-ordination and because I had to learn to read again, I’m proud that I can now read a crochet pattern.
    Thank you so much. I’m learning an awful lot and having fun.


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