Crochet Buffalo Babes Plaid Blanket
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Crochet Buffalo Babes Plaid Blanket
Crochet Buffalo Babes Plaid Blanket

Crochet Buffalo Plaid Babes Toddler Blanket

This baby plaid blanket called Crochet Buffalo Plaid Babes Blanket is not as hard as it may appear. It’s using tapestry crochet techniques of carrying two yarns are the same time.

The technique is easy because you drop the yarn you don’t use and hide it under the stitch of the opposite colour. If you need to switch, you pick up the hidden colour and drop the other colour to hide it.

The pattern includes a diagram to show you the colour breakdown.

13 thoughts on “Crochet Buffalo Plaid Babes Toddler Blanket

  1. I would really enjoy a tutorial on this beautiful blanket. After reading the instructions, I’d like to see
    when you add the second color and how you carry it with you throughout. Thank you!

  2. I would love to see a tutorial, especially showing when and where you add the second color and in what fashion you carry the colors. Love all you videos!

  3. hello Mikey, love all you do, I have been crocheting has a teenager did for a few years and stopped now that I am in my 50s I started again, and checked you tutorials for a while to start crocheting, I now consider myself an advanced crocheter to expert. It is not about this blanket, I have been looking for a backpack pattern, I do not know if bernat has one. I am looking for a pattern for myself. I didn’t know you were coming to Ottawa or I would have been there, I was home crocheting all day, I am working on a leaf shawl pattern, the shawl is green and it is super nice. I will put a picture on your facebook even though it isn’t finished. I love your work, you do beautiful work. thanks again.

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