Crochet Cozy Baby to Toddler Hoodies Pattern

Crochet Cozy Hoodies
Crochet Cozy Hoodies
Crochet Cozy Hoodies

Crochet Cozy Hoodies

Crochet Hoodies makes for a great gift and is practical at the same time. Using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn.

I remember my grandmother made me a powder blue knit sweater. Yes, sure a toy would awesome and I most likely acted like it too… I remember the sweater, not the toy that I received.

Put your crochet hook into the wind and crochet these hoodies up. The pattern is written for 6 months to 3 years old sizes.

If you like the pocket add it… if you prefer it without a pocket… leave it off. You’re the crochet artist.

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Crochet Cozy Hoodies Pattern

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  1. Alana Husband

    Hello, just so you know the pattern link goes to a different pattern then the one pictured. COZY CROCHET BABY HOODIE is where the link goes instead of BERNAT COZY HOODIES, 6 MONTHS. Cheers.

    • Thanks for letting us know. It has been updated to the correct pattern.

  2. Margaret

    Did you fix it?

  3. Maureen Rue

    Hey guys, just a heads up. The link for the Joy Stripes Hoodie pattern isn’t working.
    Thanks for all you do!

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