Crochet Cruises: Bermuda Pre-Cruise Handbook

Crochet Cruises: Bermuda Pre-Cruise Handbook

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Crochet Cruises Bermuda Pre-Cruise HandBook

Crochet Cruises Bermuda Pre-Cruise HandBook

Crochet Cruises: Bermuda Crochet Cruise

For Crochet Cruisers travelling with us departing from New Jersey this July onboard Celebrity Summit, I strongly encourage you to grab a beverage and go through our comprehensive pre-cruise handbook.

We learned after our first year that cruisers had a lot of questions that we can organize into a handbook for making travelling and planning much easier. Each cruise, about 2 – 3 months prior to the cruise, we release this book to finalize your plans.

The book is organized into sections. They are as follows:

  1. Welcome and Communications with Us
  2. Online Cruise Check-in Link
  3. Air / Ground Transportation
  4. Pre-Cruise Hotel
  5. Pre-Cruise Excursions
  6. Notifications on Changing your Customized Badge Name. June 1, 2019, is the cutoff.
  7. Departure Day Instructions
  8. Safety Drill Procedures
  9. Meals & Drinks
  10. Cruise Attire
  11. Port of Call Days
  12. Photography and Video Disclaimers
  13. Power and Designated Smoking Sections
  14. Onboard Health, Well-Being & Emergencies
  15. What to Bring for Crochet Cruises
  16. Charity Project Homework to Bring
  17. Going Home Pre-Planning
  18. General Group Etiquette and Guidelines
  19. Final Check-List

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Crochet Cruises: Bermuda Crochet Cruise Handbook

Crochet Cruises: Bermuda Crochet Cruise Handbook

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