Crochet Fridge Padlock and Chain Pattern

Crochet Fridge Padlock and Chain Pattern

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Fridge Padlock and Chain Pattern

Crochet Padlock for Fridge

Crochet Padlock for Fridge

One of my favourite things to make as well as one of my biggest sellers at craft shows is the F-bomb. I really love a clever and cheeky project that’s a play on words. So when I saw this Fridge Padlock and Chain after gaining quarantine weight myself I had a bit of a chuckle at the same time thought it wouldn’t be the worst idea to work up and use.

The Fridge Padlock will defiantly be a cute little pattern that I myself add to the cheeky collection of the F-bombs and Chill Pill for when craft shows start back up.

Made with Bernat Super Value, work you some of these cute little fridge locks for gifts, or craft show inventory!

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Crochet Fridge Padlock and Chain Pattern

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