Crochet Lumberjack Blanket Pattern

Crochet Lumberjack Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Lumberjack Blanket

Crochet Lumberjack Blanket

Crochet Lumberjack Blanket

Very Canadian is the Crochet Lumberjack Blanket that resembles men’s work socks. For me personally, when I see these socks, I think of my dad when I was really young. He worked at a foundry and I remember him always wearing these socks plus seeing them piled into the laundry.

Today, these socks are still really popular. I know back a few years ago, it was trendy to wear these types of socks for fashion. I know a few people who wear these in the wintertime around the house. I know I do from time to time.

So for me, this has memories built into this afghan. Just the colour shades and textures used. There’s a lot to be said about how practical the socks were and I can totally see myself under a blanket like this in the cold winter evenings or just watching tv.

For those who want to change the size. The Multiple for this Stitch is Multiple 4 + 3.

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Crochet Lumberjack Blanket Pattern


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  1. Kelly M Lane says:

    No Blue Button

  2. Sue Higginbotham says:

    4+3 i dont understand im sorry.. is it count 4 all the way through and at the end add 3?

    1. Sue Higginbotham says:

      nevermind if i listened further in the video i got my answer

  3. Andrea Scott says:

    Is this yarn soft? I have never used it. In the picture it looks soft.

  4. Midknits says:

    Thank You for doing such an amazing tutorial! I was so excited when they told me you were going to do one for this pattern!!!

    1. Love the lumberjack blanet. . Am going to knit it though I think.

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