Crochet Neck Warmer Scarf for Operation Gratitude

Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber
Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber
Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet a Neck Warmer Scarf for Operation Gratitude

As you all probably know by now, I really enjoy crocheting for charities when I can.  I am not tied to any one charity and do enjoy stumbling across one and hooking up something for them.  I recently came across Handmade With Love Program through Operation Gratitude.  It is an organization dedicated to sending care packages to the heroes who are serving in the military.  The are looking for crocheted neck warmer scarves so I was excited to help them out with their cause.  Supporting the troops is one of my favorites was to help others.

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Free Pattern: Operation Gratitude Pattern

This is a very active organization that recently celebrated sending out their 1,500,000th care package to the troops!

The details for the neck warmer scarves are a bit different.  They prefer them to 4″ by 36″ as these are designed to wrap around the neck and be tucked into the shirt so that they don’t interfere with their gear.

*UPDATE* Please keep your scarves within our size restrictions (no larger than 4”-6” wide, 48”-50” long) so they fit into our Care Packages.

The will accept other size scarves, but if they are too big, they will be sent to a Veteran, a Wounded Warrior, or a First Responder.  Sometimes they will also take oversized scarves to the local VA Hospital.  No scarf will ever go to waste.

I came up with a very simple design for a soft scarf.  I made all 6 scarves in one evening.  I actually had only planned to make 5, but had just enough leftover from each of my colors to make one multi-colored scarf.  I hope to bring some warmth and love to some special people.

Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber
Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber

Neck Warmer Scarf

~ by Jeanne Steinhilber

  • Bernat Softee Chunky – 1 Ball
  • Crochet Hook Size L – 8.0mm

Row 1 – Chain 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across.  Turn.  – 8 sc

Row 2 – Ch 1, *sc in 1st st, dc in next st.  Repeat * across.  Turn.

Repeat row 2 until scarf measures 36″.

Last row – ch 1, sc across.  Finish off.

Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber
Neckwarmer Scarf by Jeanne Steinhilber



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  1. Susan Love

    My Air Force daughter sent me this comment when I asked about this idea….Hahaha. You know that when we are deployed, we get sent boxes of Beanies and scarves, but if we want to potentially get away with wearing it in uniform it usually has to be black. There were some crazy colors. ….. FYI People…Black!

  2. Thomas Waters

    Hi jeanne! Im a begiiner at crochet and wanted to attempt this as my next project however the instructiona for row 2 “*sc in 1st st, dc in next st. Repeat * across” have me a bit baffled. The way im reading it is that you will sc then dc then sc again and alternate them for the length of the row. Is that correct? Or is it sc then all dc for the rest? I know this is 3 years after the post but im hoping for a reply.

    • Susan

      Everything in between the *’s is repeated. You would do S.C. in the first, dc in the next, S.C. in next, dc in next all the way to the end. Hope this makes sense. Enjoy!?

  3. Patricia June

    When i use up my left over yarns i crochet the length of the scarf, i just like the looks of it better. Also i have bought a skein of black or grey & then start & finish a few rows in that with all the other colors in between

  4. Andrea Schiavino

    Hi. I am assuming that they have no specified requirements for color? Meaning, can we crochet in any color.

    Thank you!

    • Shannon

      You can do it in any color they just don’t want red white and blue together

  5. Great article. I will be making these scarves. Where do I ship them too?

  6. sylvia felts

    I loved this article and my daughter and I have started making scarves. I really enjoy being a member of the crochet crowd!

  7. Katherine Westphalen

    Miss Jeanne, I was a bit curious if the scarves could be made with different yarn than the Softee Chunky? Would it be possible to maybe do double strands of a Red Heart Super Saver or Caron? Your help would be appreciated

    • I think I would try regular worsted weight yarn and maybe start with 11 or 13 chains. That should give you 4 inches wide.

  8. Barb Morin

    Thanks for the pattern. I crochet scarves for a local group that donates them to the needy in shelters, the homeless and others in need. I need a simple pattern that works up quickly and this is better than what I have been using. I have plans on making a lot more scarves before we start giving them out, some time in October. They want to be ready for the coming winter.

  9. Ronna

    Yes, Loved this article! Thank you so much for a great crochet scarf pattern and a new awareness of Operation Gratitude!

  10. These are fast and easy to make with left over skeins in your stash. This is a great project to be involved in. Simple enough for kids to do. Easy way to try new stitches too.

  11. Tammy

    Thank you for this! I came across Operation Gratitude a few weeks ago & have been looking for a pattern to use.

  12. Beth E

    I so wish we had something like this in Canada. If anyone knows of something similar please post it.

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