Crochet Patterns using Blue Yarn

Crochet Better Together Afghan by Jeanne and Mikey
Crochet Better Together Afghan Blue
Crochet Better Together Afghan Blue

If we ever want a project to be popular, crochet it in blue. It’s eye-pleasing and can really make stitches pop.

The Crochet Better Together Afghan, crocheted by Jeanne was done in blue. Blue is Jeanne’s most favourite colour and many of her projects feature blue.

It can make other colours stand apart like White with Red with aquatic blue for Christmas and more.

This section will continually grow with more projects we continually add.

Blue Yarn

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  1. Joan Alessi

    Is it listed anywhere what colors Jeanne used for the Better Together blue afghan? I may be looking in the wrong places, but I can’t find it. It’s gorgeous!

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