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Crochet Princess Dress Snuggle Sack
Crochet Princess Dress Snuggle Sack

Crochet Princess Snuggle Sack

Strong in crochet trending right now are outfits that are worked into a blanket. In this case, the snuggle snack has an overlay of a Crochet Princess Dress.

Yes, the sleeves are useable for a child. The child crawls inside and it appears they are on the sofa with a full princess dress on.

I am guessing this is going to be much requested by kids to have for this coming Christmas.

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One thought on “Crochet Princess Snuggle Sack

  1. Love this website. Mikey and Dan you are doing a great job. Please keep it up. I plan to use several of your free patterns to make Christmas gifts. I am on a very very smal income so I can’t buy patters and yarn both so these fee ones are such a great help. Thank you. If there were a scoring place on here I would give it the highest possible. Love you guys and love your live videos and the laughing is wonderful and makes me happy and laugh. Diane Mills, Switz City, IN, USA

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