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Crochet Tears of Joy Emoji Pillow
Crochet Tears of Joy Emoji Pillow

Crochet Tears of Joy Emoji Pillow

Social media runs directly into crochet with Social Media Emoji’s like the Crochet Tears of Joy Pillow. I was thinking how amazing it is that in today’s era, a happy face with tears has significance and means something important.

As a business person, it’s stated, I should never use social media emoji’s in correspondence but I think they can offer a mood or tone to the email.

These are classified in the easy category and truly are.


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One thought on “Crochet Tears of Joy Emoji Pillow + Tutorial

  1. Mickey your tutorials are just brilliant, so easy to follow. You have taught me how to craft crochet and given me the confidence to carry on and learn C2C. I’ve completed a of big projects and several smaller projects. Thank you!!

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