Crochet Variegated Moss Stitch Waves and Rows

Crochet Variegated Moss Patterns
Moss Stitch In Rows Cat Lampman
Moss Stitch In Rows Cat Lampman

You bought it and let it sit or you have some of it leftover. Now what? Super hot trending of Variegated Moss Stitch Blankets is on fire! Let the yarn do its thang, sit back and enjoy. These are the Moss Stitch Variegated Patterns (Wave and Straight Rows).

The downloadable has many sizes of starting chains from baby blankets to king-size bedspreads. Choose the chain to begin.

So I thought I would go to my yarn room and collect my Caron Jumbo yarn. Daniel reminded me that we had the moss stitch blanket already done in a pattern we did several years ago. He wondered about mixing it with the variegated concept. So my sample was born.

The idea is to mix as many variegated yarns as possible.

  1. Change colour for every row (if you wish).
  2. You can be strategic in having the same colours appears in the same order or be random.
  3. Weave in the tails as you go to save you time.

For me, it gives me a sense of home and warmth. Growing up in a cottage with a wood stove to heat the house, the blankets on the bed were mismatched quilts my mother had made us. They resemble the look of these.

You can put that yarn that is collecting dust to create one-of-a-kind blankets.

Moss Stitch Variegated Lindsey Rice Hodges
Moss Stitch Variegated Lindsey Rice Hodges

Lindsey’s Example above is made from the following:

Yarn of choice was Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn

  1. Meadow Dance
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Paint Party
  4. Blossomopolis
  5. Blue Green Multi
  6. Day Dreamery
  7. Flapper Girl
  8. Instant Class
  9. Deep-Sea Diving
  10. The Struggle is Real
  11. Sea Muse
  12. Cinnamon Cedar
  13. Berry Stonewash Print
  14. Deep Violet Stonewash
Moss Stitch in Rows Cherie McDonald
Moss Stitch in Rows Cherie McDonald
Variegated Moss Stitch Blankets in Waves
Variegated Moss Stitch Blankets in Waves, Mikey’s Sample

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Moss Stitch Wave and Straight Rows Patterns


The tutorials used are old tutorials but with the exact same stitch. Change the yarns at the end of each row to something new for that variegated concept. The tutorials are older and don’t do that, that’s the only difference.

Use the downloadable above to get the chain counts for popular-size projects.

Moss Stitch in Waves

Moss Stitch In Straight Rows

How to Change Colours

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  1. Guamita


  2. Kami

    I don’t understand the chain count on the waves pattern. If you chain 129 and you start in the second chain you only have 127chains left, the pattern is 16*8 which is 128 chains. And you suppose to have one chain left at the end??? Please explain the stitch count. Thanks

    • Stephanie

      I read the pattern as 16*1, not 16*8.

  3. tricia

    I’m not near a hobby lobby, are there other yarns with colorways you would suggest to get a similar effect? Thanks

  4. Ashley G

    Thank you for the pattern, so inspired by the lovely samples! Do you have any tips or related tutorials for working the moss stitch in the round? Thought I might start with a pillow cover before committing to a larger project.

    • Mikey

      I haven’t done that. So I don’t have a pattern or tutorial to follow. I will keep my eyes open.

  5. Joan

    Thank you for so much positive info. I had a stroke and am training my right hand to crochet again. Right now I can only do single crochet stitch but that’s OK. Thank you again.chon

  6. Linda

    I absolutely love this and your tutorials Michael are awesome. I really like Lindsey Rice Hodges’s colors and was wondering where I can find a listing for that yarn.
    Any help is much appreciated.

  7. Fay

    Thank you. Michael. Always reading our minds. Just what I was looking for.

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