Cruise Badge Registration

The Crochet Crowd Cruisers Badge
Crochet Crowd Cruisers Badge

Cruise Badges

For the 2015 Crochet Cruise, every registered participant will receive a customized name badge.

Our badges help identify our group while walking down the galleys. We notice the badges and instantly a friendly face, conversation and excitement ignites.

The badges are designed to hold your ‘sail and sign cards’ issued by Carnival Cruise Lines when you check in at the terminal safe throughout the cruise.

When filling out the form below, please think carefully before filling it in. You may or may not want your last name on the badge. You may want a fun nickname or just use your first name. I only want to print these badges once, so be sure the spelling and name you want is correct.

If you have not registered for our cruise, please do not fill out this form. This is for registered guests only. Badges will be given out on the ship and need to be made 2 months in advance to ensure they are done on time.

All submissions need to be sent to us by September 15th, 2014. If we have not received this information, I will use the first name given to us during seat registration.

If you are traveling on both cruises with us, you will receive 1 badge to keep with you for both cruises.

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Thanks for the info, we will see you on the cruise.

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