Mikey is Slurring Words in Tutorials – Invisalign

Invisalign Elastics

To address the obvious in my voice tone on YouTube, I am slurring and it’s not from being drunk. It’s Invisalign in my mouth!

Personal Goals – Keep On Moving

Last year, I decided I needed to do a personal change and part of that was getting me to move my body more. So I was on a mission to ‘keep on moving’. My goal wasn’t to cut back food but to get off my butt and walk and not be so lazy as I had become.

This would force me to be offline more so I could walk. It’s done me the world of good mentally. 

My personal measurement of self-value is through a weigh scale. I had weighed myself in the fall of 2020 and gawd, my heart sank but I knew that I had already kept moving for months earlier, so I was probably worse than the number I saw. It was a terrible feeling and I felt I let myself down.

I measured myself again a few weeks ago and I was so surprised. It was motivational and I was so proud of myself. The idea to keep on moving worked. I prefer not to give you a number but I have dropped sizes in clothes and now clothes are being put to the back of the closet that is too big for me. That’s a huge accomplishment.

Daniel and I’s relationship is more relaxed than any other relationship I have had. We have gained weight together as a couple where my past relationships that my look was key focus. We enable each other to snack.

Daniel as well, with the change to keep on moving has lost a substantial amount of weight as well. I won’t reveal his number he’s moved back down in clothing sizes and isn’t struggling to walk like he had been. I’m pretty proud of him. We are both pushing each other to keep on moving.

I lost my ability to walk without staggering and my back was locking up. Keeping myself moving was the only solution.


Mikey September 2020
Mikey September 2020
Mikey July 2021
Mikey July 2021

Business Evaluation – Goals

Crochet Shifting Chevrons Bag
Crochet Shifting Chevrons Bag

I decided to review our business from the ground up. It took me about 6 weeks.

Without getting too deep. I pulled from the analysis that I am not as terrible a crochet host as I had led myself to believe.

I was only responding to comments that were digging deep but in my review, I finally clued in from every few hundred positive comments, there’s one that cuts a little too close to home.

So that has done me the world of good mentally to recentre myself.

With walking with my keep on moving attitude, the time away from the devices has done me so much good. 

Invisalign – Personal Health Goal


In my life, I have needed to get braces. I had an evaluation done in the mid-2000s. The cost was substantial and required me to have my skull cut in half on the upper jaw. A device was to be installed to push my upper jaw skull area apart for a year. The device looked medieval and I didn’t think I could manage such a traumatic-sounding operation. So I ended that journey.

Over the years, my jaw on the upper and lower just on the one side has collapsed inward. My dentist recommended Invisalign for me to do a few things.

  1. Push the upper and lower jaws outward on all sides.
  2. Have the teeth that have leaned inward be pushed back upright.
  3. To ultimately straighten my teeth.

Other than financial, I had to commit to wearing Invisalign for nearly 23 hours a day. I have to remove to eat. It’s a bitch to get them out, so I am very selective on when they come out as it’s an ordeal but has gotten easier.

I cannot snack when I want to. They told me during the orientation on start-up day that I will probably lose weight as it will cut the snacking ability down. Since starting with Invisalign, it has sped up my weight loss.

Today, this morning, I have switched to tray 4 out of 45. My trays are being changed every 10 days at this pace but may speed up to get myself through the 45 trays. Switching a tray does have some pressure as it’s slightly different than the tray before. Pop a couple of Advil and change the tray. I take Advil for 2 days for the new tray. When the tray comes out, you can feel the difference in the pressure.

I vowed I wouldn’t share too much about this until I noticed something. This morning, in feeling around with my tongue, I can tell the lower jaw is shifting. 

Invisalign Elastics
Invisalign Elastics

I have an added complication of wearing elastics with the Invisalign. If I laugh or open my mouth wide, you can see the elastics on both sides of my mouth. There are hooks on both upper and lower jaw trays that I have to connect when I put the trays in my mouth. The elastics are adding pressure to my jaw to pull my jaw to the side to go back into alignment.


I have to tell you though, I was nearly in tears during the first week. Putting in those elastics was nearly 1/2 hour. I finally was able to learn the feeling of the hooks on my fingertips to know where they are. It took me nearly the first tray of 10 days to finally learn how to do it quicker.

I have to use a tool to pull the trays out of my mouth. If you have seen cuts on my recent videos on my left pointer finger, it’s from the tool of stabbing myself with missing the tray as I pulled. I was being impatient.

I cannot eat while I go out for a day on the town as I cannot remove them out on my own without a tool. It’s better for me to wait until I get home.

Due to the time, it takes to prepare to take them out, I have to plan when I am going to eat and immediately replace them when I finished.

Drinking tea, the tea has to be cooled down a bit before I drink so the heat of the tea doesn’t melt the tray out of alignment. This has been manageable. However, the tea does stain the tray and after 10 days, it’s noticeable but the tray is changed.

The Feeling In my Mouth

  • If you ever chewed gum and wrapped the gum around your teeth, it’s what it feels like to me.
  • The pressure of moving teeth isn’t painful but is noticeable. The first day or two after changing a tray feels like you have bitten down on something hard for a long time and your teeth feel sensitive.

Slurring and Sounding Drunk

  • Wearing them has me slurring some words. It’s caused by not opening my lips enough as I speak to compensate for the thin trays in my mouth.
  • Certain words are harder to say and I have to learn to exaggerate my facial movement to say the words clearer. That will take time.

I decided that crocheters who follow along with me if they know I am doing this for medical reasons, can understand my situation and just bear with me as I go through the process. However, some people are jumping to immediately conclusion I am drunk. Rush to judgement. I get it in social media but sometimes, like this, there is more to the story.

For the Record

I hate talking about medical issues. I tend to disconnect if someone is revealing a lot of medical information as I find it’s so personal. So, some of this is revealing my medical which goes against the grain of my being but I think the community is owed an explanation as to why the change in voice tone.

I also think the community is owed an explanation as to why I am delaying in responding as I am trying to take care of myself. I was in a rough place and I am doing the work to pull myself from that place physically and emotionally. I think most people can respect that as well.

While a video can be only 20 – 60 minutes to what you see, the recording and prep time between filming takes is substantial in timing which would have me remove out my Invisalign for several hours which defeats the purpose.

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  1. Kate

    I understand how you feel, Mikey, about not sharing your private health issues. If you’re uncomfortable about sharing, then there is no reason to do so. But its a real compliment that you felt you could share it with the ‘crowd’. I’m sorry though that you felt you had to because of someone’s judgemental attitude to the slurring. I hadn’t really noticed it though I did think the ‘timbre’ of your voice sounded a little different.

    You and Daniel seem to have found the answer to taking back control of your health & well-being – good for you both! You sound happy with the fab progress you’ve made, so I’m really happy for you! *clap clap clap* You’re working hard at it, and you deserve your success! Onward & upward, guys! PS: I too prefer sardonic humour. 😉

    • Michele Tebbetts

      You are my crochet hero! You made the right decision to wait for a less barbaric solution. I have had to make similar decisions in my life. If the solution is more horrible than the problem you chose what you think is best for you. You taught me to crochet and have helped me become an accomplished at it. Hang in there!🥰

      • Mikey

        Thank you for your support Michele. I appreciate your words of wisdom.

  2. Colette L Molumby

    So glad you confided in us. Also very glad you are both taking care of yourselves and each other. As long as you are feeling better physically and better about yourself you owe us no explanations. Good for you I say, we want you around for a very long time and you are making certain you will be!

  3. Leila

    Mikey- thank you for sharing- congratulations on progress both in mouth and on scale! Big hug 🫂💖

  4. Jean

    Good for you both! ❤️

  5. I’m so happy for you. We all are keep doing what your doing. At the end of the day whatever makes you happy whatever makes you smile is the way to go. And now I better get back to what I was doing so that I can keep up with you.

  6. jaiden

    Mikey you are loved by many. Giving you hugs and lots of support. I am glad you are taking care of your physical and mental health. That should always come first. I am glad you shared this information with us and I apologize that some are to assume thw worse. I have followed you since 2009 and have always loved your upbeat personality. I could tell straight away you love crocheting. You are a wonderful and talented teacher. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Keep taking care of you! Lots of love Mikey.

  7. Kathleen Evans

    So very proud that you recognized steps were necessary, took those steps, talked with Daniel and professionals. Everything you’ve accomplished thus far is very noticeable; honestly I didn’t really notice the slurring of which you speak, but things are always more noticeable to us than to others. Along this journey, recognize and accept so many of us love you, and are inspired by you in many parts of our lives, not only crochet. I’ve followed you for many many years, and am honored that you trust us so very much. This path is not easy, but you’ll look back on it and see that it was worth every single step.

  8. Linda Kelly

    Wow my hat off to you I am scared of the dentist so I can’t imagine how you are coping .
    Didn’t think your pedestal could get any higher but wow has it. Hugs from across the pond

  9. Vicky

    Mikey: You are so awesome; you are so loved. I’m so proud of you for taking care of yourself – whatever that means for YOU. You are just so… genuine. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Corry

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    It takes a lot of courage to commit to this challenge; be proud of yourself and know that the whole crochet community is having your back.
    Keep up the good work. 🙂
    <3 and admire you for all you (and Daniel & Puppydawg) do for the community.

  11. PansyRose Parsons

    Mega hugs! I found you a inspiration with just your crocheting and tutorials. But this! Awesome! I need to “get moving” too. You are totally an inspiration – slurs and all. Thank you.

  12. Donna B.

    Mikey, congratulations on doing a difficult thing for yourself. We don’t care if you slur! BTW, the dentist suggested a small crochet hook to remove my Invisaligners when I had them. I only need them at night, now. A goal you’re working toward. The crochet hook worked!

  13. Charlotte

    It’s hard when you have to acknowledge Heath issues., I Know. Hang in there the end will be worth it all. Thanks for all you do and help you give so freely!! Can’t wait till y’all book get here! Thanks

  14. Liz

    Follow all your videos and I must say that I only noticed slight slurring, that is probably because I was paying too much attention to what you were doing, which is a good thing.

  15. Christine

    Having had braces at 48 and surgery to correct my bite, I know your struggle. I slurred words, fought with elastics and endured the “pressure in my mouth “ with each visit to the orthodontist for tightening. I can tell you it is so worth it. I stoop grinding my teeth and my jaw doesn’t click when I chew and my siblings don’t call me a rabbit anymore. It may feel like a long road but you’ve got this 😊

  16. Ali

    Congratulations to both of you for making your health a priority!

  17. MaggiePearl

    Mikey, You must be SuperHuman to deal with all these issues and still give so much to your fans. Surely you have Super Powers we mere morals are not aware of! Best wishes for success and thank you again for sharing your world with us.

  18. Mikey, I LOVE YOU! So PLEASE be YOU with all your talent, beautiful patterns, and wonderful videos! I look at the heart of a person, not what is outside. You are a very beautiful person and I love you and I know I speak for many. ANYONE who judges you does NOT matter! I (and many others who love you!) KNOW you are not drunk. You and your teeth are looking better and better and I am so happy for you that you can have the teeth you wanted without an unnecessary operation. Congratulations on your weight loss!!!

    Honey, I LOVE YOU and all you do for us! THANK YOU for it all! I hope you know how much we appreciate you! Hugs.

  19. Debbie

    Thank you for your life update 🥰 it is always heartwarming to hear people’s success stories, we all look forward to your tutorials and updates. Bless you and keep up your awesome work ❣

  20. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing, it is encouraging to know that you two are going down this road together. Congratulations for working to make your selves better, we all know that is not easy. Try not to listen to the nay sayers, they don’t speak for the majority, they are just loud.

  21. Deb

    Bravo! Self care is the most important! I truly appreciate the time, dedication and love you put into your videos, they have helped me so much. ♡♡♡

  22. Bonnie Ratcliff

    I saw your bruised finger yesterday while watching a video and wondered if you smashed it or ran a nail through it. Like everyone else said, you owe no one an explanation. You taking care of you is the most important thing here. Oh, and I did not hear you slur one time during the video I watched. I would never think you’d be drunk while videoing, that’s just not who you are. I’m proud of the changes you are making in your life and of Daniel for working on his challenges also. I’m so proud to be a member of TCC and the great leadership I get from you, your patterns, and your videos…. and now how to take better care of myself. You’re awesome! Love you both!

  23. jsutme

    Good FOr you for choosing to put yourself first! not many can acheive it!
    Keep up the good work your looking amazing! i mean this for you both

    To be happy in this world you have to do what makes you feel good about
    yourself and feel good about waking up in the morning.
    If something is off it sets your whole future off path
    The only person that can make you happy about you is you!

  24. Pat

    There is an adage that reads something to the affect of “You can not care for others until you first care for yourself.” Keep up the good work!

  25. Michelle Worcester

    I completely understand!! I’m on tray 4 of 26. There are support groups on Facebook. Way to go for making yourself a priority.

  26. Sheri Harding Felten

    So happy you are finding time for “self care”. I know Invisalign well, as I have worked in dental 40+ years and I also was an Invisalign patient. Its a wonderful treatment, especially for adults. Never take your tray out and wrap it in a napkin!!! I’ve heard to many horror stories about sifting through trash dumpsters, dogs and cats finding a tray on the nightstand and the worst……..it got thrown into the fire pit while camping! LOL. Kudos for walking!! Staying active is mandatory as we age. Biking is also great! One of my best getaways was a bike/train trip. No car was used!! WHAT!?! So much fun…..Thanks for all the great crochet tips and patterns. Much love!

  27. Donna Grybowski

    Take care of yourself Mikey! I’ve been there with TMJ and it’s a journey. At one point, breaking and wiring my jaw was considered. I did mine before Invisalign but now have them for night use. The rubber bands are a nightmare but better than being “wired”. Things will improve and taper down and the improvement to your health and life is what counts. Hugs to you and Daniel!

  28. Patricia

    Best of luck with it. I hope it brings you everything you are looking for. I love your videos & patterns. They helped me so much when I start crocheting to try help relieve my stress & anxiety. So Dorrie says, keep on swimming😊

  29. Pat Rebec

    Mikey, thank you for sharing, I have always enjoyed seeing you, I hope everything works out well for you and Daniel, looking forward to seeing more of your journey,

  30. Sylvia Lashley

    You’re the bomb!! Keep up the great work! You deserve every great thing coming your way!!

  31. Darlene V Quinn

    Congratulations on your weight loss and making yourself move. I wish I could do the same but I am just so tired all the time and can hardly walk anymore. You look great! I know it’s hard work. And I can’t wait to see how invisilign has helped straighten your teeth. Dentistry is costly and I certainly can understand why you waited. And congratulations to Dan also. You guys rock. I love your tutorial videos. I wouldn’t be able to do the projects without them. Thank you for all you do for the public, and keep your sense of humor. Don’t let negative comments get you down as you have so many devoted followers.

  32. Lusha

    Frankly & honestly, I had not noticed. Besides if I did, so be it, you are who you are & it’s wonderful. Your heart speaks loudly & it’s beautiful. All of your videos that I’m interested in are of many, but I learn so much more from you. A lot of times I have to watch it many times, but hey, that’s how I learn.
    Thank you & God bless you.
    Enjoy your day.
    Rock it Mikey, rock it!!

  33. Jan Domino

    Mickey–Good on You for “finally” taking care of you!!! You are always thinking of “us” (the CC community), both for crocheting & “us” personally, it is great that you & Daniel are taking care of yourselves..You are really one of those “great teachers” that take the time & energy to make sure all of us understand what we are trying to create — through your videos/stitch samplings, I have taken a deep breath & plunged into making the Fluffy Meringue baby blanket–it’s looking great!! Thank you Mikey & Daniel too!!!

  34. Ann

    So pleased to hear you are not ill as such Mikey, well done you and Dan for taking your health into your own hands, all the best. It will all be worth it. Thank you for all your tutorials, I am 74 yrs and have just got the hang of how to crochet.

  35. Brooke Shull

    Finding you brought me joy. It brought crochet back to my life and my love for it came back quickly as well. My grandma was my teacher and when she passed I quit. Your love for life and what you do has brought that back to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Never let anyone take that joy away from you by a comment. Keep working on you, we will all be here for you☺

  36. Kris

    You go Mikey. Stay strong.

  37. Eleanor

    Getting moving (i.e., walking) is the simplest, easiest exercise you can do, and in that gorgeous landscape of yours, it should be inspiring, too. I found that the more walking I did, the more I wanted to do, so I make time every day to get out there. Congrats to you and Daniel for your progress! Congrats on persisting with Invisalign, too. That’s a tough challenge. But it helped you lose weight! All to the good.


    Best wishes on the goals you set. Your health being is important to all you have touched along the way. God bless you.

  39. Janet S Bowerman

    Your videos and patterns have been a wonderful change to my crocheting process. I have enjoyed several of your tutorials and completed 3 of your blankets patterns for various family members in the last 6 months since I found your site. Thank you. Keep taking care of you.

  40. Ellen L Buchenauer

    Good for you for taking care of yourself, we are the only ones who can do this. I love watching you and you inspire so many. I am trying to sit less and do more exercising. I do so love to do my crafts so sometimes it is hard. Keep up the great job you are doing and keep on keeping us smiling.

  41. Tracey Tregear

    Thankyou Mikey ,for sharing your personal life .It sounds difficult but everyday you’re getting closer to your goals .
    Best of luck to you both x

  42. Elizabeth Dilks

    Just know you and Daniel are both appreciated. You owe no one an explanation. I appreciate all that you give. Thank you for your openness and I wish you success on your journey.

  43. Betty

    Congratulations! Well done. Totally understand about the Invisalign. I am on my 15th tray. I am on the phone 80 % of my day. Each time that I change trays, there is some adjustment. I find the worse part is those darn attachments. I bit my tough and made a 1/4 inch long cut because if the sharp attachment. Hang in, it is well worth it. BtW…..I am in my 60’s so it is never too late. Love you teachings !

  44. Mary

    Dear Mikey, We all want you to take care of yourself, so you just do what you have to do. I haven’t noticed any slurring, but I wouldn’t think you were imbibing anyway. Thank you for all you do for your audience.

  45. Laura Kenig

    sweetie… we adore you… crafters are a family even if they haven’t met… there’s a special connection.. you got this!! and we’ve got your back.

  46. Penelope

    Thank you for sharing your private journey. I am struggling with some of the issues you are and your courage to pursue and persist helps me know two things: 1) I am not alone; 2) progress is possible.

    You teach more than just crochet. You demonstrate strength and integrity in vulnerability. Blessing you!


  47. Lori Vargas Agnew

    Mikey you do you. I have always wanted to say that. You are such a wonderful person. I have not noticed but thats just me. We love you hope you know that. The best always. You could laugh a whole pattern and I would enjoy it.

  48. Liz

    I have noticed the odd slurring, but not like a drunk person would. I probably subconsciously recognized the issue! I wore braces in my teens, which being so long ago meant the metal bands wrapped around each tooth. Got the wire tightened or changed regularly, which would be similar to changing the tray. So I get it. Mom used to give me scrambled eggs for supper on wire day! my slurring took place once I got my retainer. I really don’t think the slurring is bad enough to comment on, but people can be so mean. I also relate well to your weight loss journey, and have wanted to comment how good you’ve been looking, but again, didn’t want to open a discussion where someone would make the choice to be nasty. You and Dan are looking great, keep up the good work. You will get better at not slurring, it’s just that smooth roof of the mouth that the tongue can’t get used to! Have a fantastic day!

  49. Pat Polubinsky

    Thanks for explaining. I admire your tenacity and the willingness to make changes in yourself and reach goals. We are, in fact, the boss of us!

    Much respect to both you and Daniel!

  50. Wendy

    Good for you MIKEY!

  51. Jen McAndrews

    It makes my heart happy to know you are taking care of yourself in body and spirit. Thank you for sharing this journey with us; it is gently inspirational!

  52. Renea Tutt

    Thank you fir sharing. I have so much admiration and respect for you and Daniel. I so deeply appreciate all you do for helping me become better with my crochet hobby.

  53. Tiffini M Woltz

    You are a rock star and we LOVE you! You and Daniel have a great relationship and should be SO PROUD of all you have accomplished together… PD and your get moving philosophy, your gorgeous property, the weight loss, your relationship and lastly growing and creating for our Community. And yes, that’s supposed to be a BIG C!

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us 💖 and for trusting us enough with this personal “medical” stuff.

    • Lynne

      I’ve had Invisalign in the past and I can tell you that the slurring comes and goes, but it’s not as bad as you think it sounds. It definitely helps cut back on snacking since they’re supposed to be on pretty much around the clock.

    • Ana Isabel Garcia

      Wow Mikey. Thank you for sharing your very private and personal story. I am appreciative that you thought enough of us to share that and to publicly clarify to those who are the first to jump to conclusions and post their “misconceptions” on social media for everyone to read. I’m sorry that happened to you. You continue on your journey and know that I, for one am very proud of you and wish you the best in your relationship, in your medical journey and with the Crochet Crowd. God bless you!

    • Cindy

      Glad your taking care of yourself !!

  54. Terry Sammons

    Thank you Mikey for all you do keep taking care of you. Hugs and love you.

    • Beverly Rood

      Mikey, thank you for sharing. I know how hard it was for you but know this, we care for you and want you to be healthy in every way. We’re with you till the end.Love and hugs, Bev

  55. Christinne Westrich

    Good on you! Even though I don’t think you owed anyone an explanation, you explained your situation well. I love following you and the craft of crochet. I don’t usually tolerate a lot of the videos presented, but I absolutely love the way you explain crochet. Keep up the good work! Remember: you are the most important person in your life, take care.

  56. Anita

    Thank you for sharing your journey! I know it was a difficult thing to do. Your story has helped me firm up my resolve to continue my attempts to improve myself. Congrats on the new you!

  57. Maura Judges

    It’s very kind of you to give this detailed explanation but you really shouldn’t have to do so. It’s sad that people will make hurtful and unnecessary comments when it is none of their business! I hope that being so open about it all will help you on your path to the you that you want to be. All my very best wishes to you and your partner. I have enjoyed your videos and hope to do so again. Take care of yourself.

  58. Cathy Liscinski

    Mike: You do not owe us a single blasted thing! You do owe yourself and Daniel what ever time is needed for your own health and well being. You perform a valued service with your tutorials and I personally have recommended them to numerous people. I love the non judgmental tone of your videos, you never make me feel inadequate or stupid. I feel like if we bumped into each other in the yarn aisle, it would be like two old friends exchanging tips and ideas, not strangers. Thank you for all you do!

  59. Claudine

    Hi Mikey. I had Invisalign about 10 years ago. I’m glad I did it even though some days were a little rough (like when tou out in a new tray). I’m very happy that you are taking care of yourself. I think it will make you a better you and a better host in the long run. Congratulations on your Journey

  60. Mikey, take care of yourself. Your honesty speaks of the great man you are. Wishing you well.

  61. Linda Armstrong

    Mickey keep up the great work without you I would still just be making basic blankets you have inspired me to leave my comfort zone

  62. Debbi Aubee

    I certainly didn’t think you were drunk or anything. I attribute alot of what we go through to stress and that you certainly are experiencing but I am so very proud of you for opening up with us this journey you are on.


    Thank you for sharing, hugs!!!

  64. Gale

    So glad for you! Your new chapter is starting great! I have recently started a new exciting chapter in life! Feels great! Good luck, love your videos!
    P.S. Don’t listen to the negative people. Stay positive! Sending love!

  65. Susan

    You are loved, Mikey, and we support you! I’m very proud of all that you are undertaking and have accomplished! I’m in the same weight boat, but not having the success you are having; YET. Keep going and remember: you don’t OWE us anything. We owe you a debt we can never repay for all the joy you have given us!

  66. Cheryl Ennis

    Praises to you Mikey, for taking care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, it will also say, you care about Dan and your family and other friends. You be healthier and happy, making them happy too. Step one is take care of you first, then that will reflect onto others.🤗

  67. Julie Meenan

    Congratulations!!!! Without trying to sound condescending I’M SO PROUD OF YOU AND DANIEL FOR PUTTING YOURSELVES 1ST FOR A CHANGE!!!! Your physical and mental wellbeing is so important. I will always be grateful for all your time and expertise that you so willingly share, as well as the laughs and positivity in your videos. Keep up the good work, thank you for trusting enough to share your journey.

  68. Katharine J Griffith

    Congrats on working on your mental and physical health. You look great. Keep it up. Thanks for all you do.

  69. Julia Ministeri

    Lots of love

  70. Jamie Shelton

    So glad you and Dan are doing some “self care!”❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Hoping you both reach your goals, and remember, “better” is good enough! Keep it up!!

  71. Shirley

    I am so proud of you! 🥰 keep up the good work and keep on Crocheting!

  72. Nancy Elliott

    Michael, medical reason or purely for vanity, you do you so you can be the best for yourself, that’s what matters! The TCC community loves you and I hate that you have to hear/read/see nasty comments and people jumping to conclusions. You actually don’t owe us any type of explanation but you being you, you always put the community first. I’m thrilled that you are finally taking the time to put YOU first, you owe yourself that much (at the very least) We love you and we’re all here for you! Keep on being you xoxoxo

    PS, you rock those Invisaliners!!

  73. Joy Borthwick

    Many people don’t realize that when you are crafting professionally it does take a toll on the exercise side of life. Bravo to you for recognizing it and doing something about it. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you are not “a good enough host”. A friend that used to race cars once told me that people in the stands will judge and can be mean but he was the one actually doing it. This also applies to you. I have crocheted for about 55 years but could never do what you do. It is SO MUCH more than just picking up a hook and yarn. Designing and tech also takes time. Be proud you deserve to be

  74. Debbi Alt

    Bless Your Heart ♥️ (as my mother always said). This is quite a challenge for you, that I can Not even begin to imagine. I’m sure the physical and emotional frustrations are overwhelming. Stay strong and remember “We Love You Mikey!”.

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