Never Seen Anything Like It! Activity Book

Crochet Activity Book by Debbie Deitke
Crochet Activity Book by Debbie Deitke
Crochet Activity Book by Debbie Deitke

So beyond impressed with Debbie Deitke’s Crochet Activity Book. I mean, the level of word and picture puzzles. I can actually see myself taking one of these on a trip to exercise my mind and enjoy my hobby without a hook in my hand.

Looking for an idea to give to a crocheter for Christmas? This is really cool. The detail is second to none.

Puzzles inside the book include:

  1. Word Searches
  2. Word Scrambles
  3. Word Ladder
  4. Word Find
  5. Logic Puzzle
  6. So Many Words
  7. Trivia
  8. Crossword Puzzle
  9. Cryptogram
Debbie Deitke Crochet Activity Book
Debbie Deitke Crochet Activity Book – Amazon or Barnes & Noble

More Ideas

  1. 19 Patterns to Calm Deja Poo of the Mind
  2. The Crochet Crowd Book
  3. Christmas Crochet Along
  4. Crochet Bavarian Square Pattern

That’s not all… how about picture puzzles that include:

  1. Mazes
  2. Picture This
  3. Odd One Out
  4. Two of a Kind
  5. Reflection
  6. Shadow Match
  7. Last One Standing
  8. Picture Slice

There’s more that include:

  1. Find the Numbers
  2. Suduko

You will actually learn stuff in this fun book. The answers for each puzzle are provided at the back of the book so you have the solutions. I can see these are great stocking stuffers or just someone wanting to kill time waiting for appointments and crocheting conditions aren’t ideal.

I ordered 3 books for the next Crochet Cruises as a gifting option. I have seen the entire book and think it’s brilliant! I’ve never seen so many puzzle options before, given the fact it’s all crochet is even better.

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