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28 thoughts on “Privacy Policy

  1. Hello, When visiting the website today an section kept coming up on “We Use Custom Ads” and I could not get rid of it. I have not encountered this on your site before and am concerned that it is not legit. I clicked on the Update preferences button and cannot believe the list it entails. Please let me know if this is legit or not. Thank you and have a blessed day!

  2. Dear Mikey,

    I have searched for an afghan flat circle pattern for any size. I searched the web for three days and found potholder sized patterns with no plan to increase size.
    Thank you so much for the video, I got it immediately and it is perfect.

  3. Hi, I visit your website today. I like your crocheting ideas. I also know crocheting and looking for some work from home in crocheting . I want to do some crocheting work from home. Please let me know if you are providing some crochet work from home. Waiting for your reply.

  4. Mikey, have you heard or done a tutorial on the 3d reversible honeycomb stitch? I would love to see a tutorial done on a hat . Thanks

  5. I am trying to make a square tablecloth for outside, it is made out of twine from the dollar store but my table has a hole in it for the umbrella not sure how to go from round to square would I do it like a granny square? any help would be appreciated
    thank you. have a great day.

  6. Hi there! Love your guys patterns I am wondering what the copyright usage is? I am trying to open up an etsy store and would love to feature a few things make with patterns from this website! Is this allowed? Is there a royalty fee? I would never do this without asking! Thanks!

  7. I have a new project I would like mikey to look at it is posted at Tunisian Feathers Free Pattern

    Posted on May 19, 2017 by poppyandbliss. I would like to know if he could do a showing of this as I can not make heads or tails of this. thank you

  8. Mikey, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your tutorials and I give a shout out to you and your website quite often on my blog,, especially with the C2C. I learned C2C from you – your tutorial was the easiest to understand and to grasp the concept hands down to any other tutorials I had viewed. Thank you for all you do for the Crocheting community.

  9. hello I have a pattern from lion brand but I would like to make it with the caron cakes yarn would mikey be able to do this pattern or something like it ? it is the seashell crochet afghan pattern # l20384 by lion brand to give him an idea of what I would like him to do. thanks very much

  10. Hi Mikey, I wish I could attach the beautiful box stitch afghan in the round that Monica Wood has made in one of my crochet groups. She’s being bombarded with requests for the pattern which is a free pattern but is very hard to understand and follow. The group was wondering if you could do a video of this pattern so beginner crocheters or people who can not read patterns can make this beautiful afghan. We would so appreciate if you could.
    Here’s a link to the pattern. Hope to see your video soon. TIA!

  11. Hi Mikey, I was wondering if we are allowed to sell the finished products of your patterns? I’m not commercial it would just be me making things and I would attribute you guys as the pattern designer and holder. I just wanted to k or if I can help support my family by selling the finished product. I have obtained written permission to do so. By lion brand and most recently thank you for your time

  12. I have been following Mikey since his You Tube days with the Bumble Bee blanket. I love his instructional videos and they are so clear to understand. I am wondering if Mike is planning on an instructional video for how to make those octopuses for premature babies. There is a facebook group where you can send the finished ones but Mike does such a great job with the videos.
    This is such a great cause

  13. Hello, i find your site amazing and would like to receive your newsletter. But every time i try to register, there comes, ups there is an error.
    Please would you include me on your newsletter. Thanks in advance Ewa

  14. Cant find where to email you about this but there is someone in the UK selling your free patterns on Ebay for personal profit, and I believe this should be stopped. Ebay wont do anything so you may want to scare her off, she has taken patterns from Ravelry, from Deramores free listing, Lion Brand, and from you, the dog crochet coat which she is charging for
    Her Ebay name is jdeuk_mlvfujkj
    Her email is jdeborah117@
    Her address
    Deborah Jones
    14 Wrigley St
    OL4 4AP
    I see this as some form of theft, dont you?

  15. just daydreaming over a photo of a bride and groom an then it hit me! We as a community- have a wedding display- everything crochet- clothes -flowers- decorations – cake- yarn bomb gazebo- table runners and centerpieces- every possible thing or surface crochet- chair fabric etc. There might be an occasion whereby the Crochet Crowd might need to come up with a spring summer idea

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