Santa Pixel Square: By Repeat Crafter Me
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Santa Pixel Square: By Repeat Crafter Me
Santa Pixel Square: By Repeat Crafter Me

Repeat Crafter Me’s Santa Pixel Square

Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me has just released a new stellar Santa Pixel Square Design that is using the Corner to Corner stitching concept.

Sarah has graphed out and provides a photographic example on how it is down. You can get the graph on her website.

Sarah has mentioned that our video tutorial is one of the best for following for the Corner to Corner Stitching Concept. We appreciate her saying so as she is an industry leader in the blogging world.

Repeat Crafter Me has a really fun concept that involves more than just this santa. Check out her article and see what’s up her sleeve. It looks like a lot of fun!

Pattern Details

Video Tutorial

5 thoughts on “Crochet C2C Santa Square

  1. Great tutorial I finally understand!!! I was interested in the corner to corner method after seeing it on repeat crafter me with the lamb blacket

  2. Is there a list for the amount of yarn for this project? I will need to buy some of the colors but would like to know I have enough of the colors I have on hand.

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