Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Keeping an environment safe with a set of guidelines was one of the hardest items we ever had to do. The Crochet Crowd was nearly run into the ground with being overtaken by community members using the group as a self-solicitation tool. In 2011, most shares were crocheters and businesses try to sell things, get people to sign up for other properties online and for personal and fundraising for unchecked humanitarian stories and personal reasons. It took us about 4 months to hammer out a set of guidelines that works for most people.

There are always new circumstances that get raised as time progresses on. One of the biggest struggles is when someone is having a personal issue or a personal opinion whereas the rest of the community must follow their wishes for them to be happy. Some look at critiques, when suggested for an opinion as a personal attack or bullying when the opinion differs. A difference of opinion will happen but our role is to try to maintain the balance as a community as a whole.

The Crochet Crowd Community Guidelines

Updated Sept 15, 2017

The Crochet Crowd / The Knit Crowd has revised our Community Guidelines in light of changing social behaviours and interactions online.

Attached is a PDF of our community guidelines that our team is basing decisions on when keeping our community environments fair to most.

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The Crochet Crowd Community Guidelines PDF

By participating in our communities, you automatically agree to these guidelines as a general base of what is appropriate postings and social interactions with other community members and our team.