Real-Time Community

Real-Time Community

Stitch Social is the place to be for real-time social interaction 24-7. It’s hosted on Facebook and there are 145,000 crocheters partaking in sharing their progress and final photos of their projects.

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The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social Community

The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social is a sacred space where we have two of our team members actively behind the scenes. Wendy and Jeanne focus on this area to try to make this the best environment for most crocheters.

We are globally diverse in every sense.

Every new post made by a crocheter is reviewed prior to going live onto the group. There is a report button for each post where if a conversation is going sideways, the team will step in and review. Each of us has our dedicated working times and some pending new posts wait until one of us is free to review before pushing live.

Maintaining community forums is extremely tough. Michael stays focused on YouTube Content Creation and Website Development moderating whereas other team members are active on Facebook on a continuous basis. We are not available 24-7 but will respond as quickly as we can.