Stashbuster Dash 5-Day Challenge

Stashbuster 5-Day Challenge with Happily Hooked
Stashbuster 5-Day Challenge with Happily Hooked
Stashbuster 5-Day Challenge with Happily Hooked

Happily Hooked Magazine presents the 5-Day Challenge to Stashbuster your way through starting October 18 – 22, 2021. The challenge is a mystery until it launches but every day, there will be:

  1. Videos posted with updates.
  2. Tips
  3. Motivation
  4. Freebies
  5. Fun mini-challenges.

The Crochet Crowd has provided 2 Weekender Yarn Packs that include everything you see. Each pack has the same yarn but the colours vary between the two packages. Yarn provided by Yarnspirations. We are including a Weekend Crochet Crowd Duffle Bag, On The Go Mesh Project Tote and Neoprene Durable Crochet Case with this package and including shipping to your home.

Crochet Weekender Gift Pack
Crochet Weekender Gift Pack – 2 Prizes Sponsored by The Crochet Crowd for this adventure. 

Complete daily challenge sponsors that include the following are providing some extra goodies to random winners:

  1. Mary Maxim
  2. Craftsy
  3. I Like Crochet
  4. Crochepreneur
  5. Creative Crochet Corner
  6. Snapdragon Brands
  7. More sponsors may be added. 

More Ideas

  1. Crochet Market Bag Pattern(Opens in a new browser tab)
  2. Crochet Along Spring Fling Pillow Pattern (2013)
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Get More Information: 5-Day Stashbuster Challenge

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  1. I got back into crocheting after discovering you on Utube, and noticed you actually did videos on the making of lots of different items. I taught myself before when I was younger and was able to make a king size granny square lol. But once I started watching you I have discovered a whole lot of things I can make. Thank you for all you do. And thanks to you I am back into crocheting.

    • Mikey

      It’s my pleasure. Enjoy your day.

  2. Birgit. Norris

    Love your tutorials. You’re a wonderful bunch of people.

    Thank you very much. ❤

  3. Linda Blythe

    Been following you for years with your great journeys… whatever would we have done without our Mickey… can’t wait for more journeys…..exciting to say the least….

    • Mikey

      It’s been a hell of a journey eh! Always more to learn.

  4. Sharon Robicheau

    The crochet crowd has been a godsend during this pandemic. It has renewed my love of crocheting ! I came upon the crochet crowd while scanning through YouTube for a simple Afghan to crochet ! I have made 74 afghans since the start of the pandemic .

    • Mikey

      OMG 74! How do you have any feelings in your hands!

  5. Paulette Coffey

    How do we sign up for the prize?

    • Mikey

      Follow the blue INFO link in the article and sign up.

    • Natasha meier

      Learning new techniques all the time. Crochet these some stress off of me.

  6. Lydia Hart

    I love the crochet crowd thank you for all your inspiration 😁

    • Mikey

      Our pleasure. Have a great day Lydia.

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