Crochet Diasy Diamond Rug
Crochet Diasy Diamond Rug
Crochet Daisy Diamond Rug

Crochet Daisy Diamond Rug

I made one of these for our cats. Cats are attracted to circles and we strategically placed this in our home. I made mine with T-Shirt yarn that was about the same thickness as 4 plies of Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn put together for the thickness.

Riverstone loved her rug. Her safe spot to sit and keep off the cold floor while keeping an eye out for us.

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The pattern is really easy to follow and there is a diagram to use as well. The tutorial shows you the diagram and things to look for.



Crochet Daisy Rug
Crochet Daisy Rug. Riverstone was eaten by an owl after moving to Nova Scotia. She enjoyed the outdoors but unfortunately, Mother Nature and the food chain aren’t always kind. Our hearts were broken.

Video Demonstration

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9 thoughts on “Crochet Daisy Diamond Rug Pattern

  1. Help I am making this rug and it won’t lay nice a flat like all the pictures show. Can some help with that using the t-shirt yarn and a size N hook

  2. I made this rug using the Loops & Threads T-shirt yarn and it came out all wavy and won’t lay flat! Did I do something wrong and is there a fix? I love the color and design, but it doesn’t work not laying flat…help?

  3. The demonstration was phenomenal and very informative. The article was misleading, in that Mikey says he used 4 balls of t-shirt yarn for the project. The pattern calls for three strands on your hook, and if one follows the pattern, this project takes more than 4 balls.

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