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Crochet Lazy Wave Blanket Swatch

Baby Lazy Wave Blanket Pattern

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Baby Lazy Wave Blanket Crochet a Baby Lazy Wave Blanket using Bernat Coordinates yarn. This pattern is versatile as you can change the hook and yarn sizes to another brand

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Crochet Baby Character Sweater

Crochet Bear Character Sweater Pattern

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Character Sweater Crochet from the top down to the waist is the Crochet Bear Character Sweater. With simplistic design and with sleeves being crocheted on after the main body is

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Bunny's Baby Afghan

Bunny’s Baby Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Bunny’s Baby Blanket This cute Baby Blanket with the bunny sitting on it appears in the official introductions of our videos. There has been a strong demand to get the

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Baby Shower Crochet Booties

Crochet Baby Shower Booties Pattern

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Baby Shower Booties This is one of the simplest baby booties in my entire collection of free patterns. When you see the written instructions, you will notice there is not

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Tiny Baby Crochet Booties

Crochet Cute Baby Booties with Strap Pattern

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Baby Booties – 12 & 18 month sizes These tiny baby booties have a strap on them to prevent a baby from kicking them off while wearing them. They come

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Crochet Cupcake Beanie Hat

Crochet Cupcakes Pom-Pom Hat Pattern

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Crochet Cupcakes Pom Pom Hat The ball bands of the Caron Cupcakes Yarn have a free crochet beanie pattern for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-year-old kids. Having done this

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Crochet Bikini

Crochet Sizzlin’ Hot Bikini Pattern

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Crochet Sizzlin’ Hot Bikini There’s been a HOT demand for lounging and practical beach attire such as this Crochet Sizzlin’ Hot Bikini. There is a demand for women who want

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Knit Cupcakes Hat Pattern

Knit Caron Cupcakes Hat – Pattern on Label

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Knit Caron Cupcakes Hat Yarnspirations has the knitted instructions for the Caron Cupcakes pattern on the ball band of the package of the yarn. The instructions are small to read

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Crochet Cozy Hoodies

Crochet Cozy Baby to Toddler Hoodies Pattern

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Crochet Cozy Hoodies Crochet Hoodies makes for a great gift and is practical at the same time. Using Bernat Softee Baby Yarn. I remember my grandmother made me a powder

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Crochet Hexagon Motif Blanket

Crochet Hexagon Motifs Baby Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Hexagon Motifs Baby Blanket Crochet this Baby Hexagon Motif Blanket for someone you care about or even for the charity you love. The baby blanket is made up of

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