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Crochet Holiday Chevron Throw

Crochet Chevron Throw Pattern

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The Crochet Chevron Throw is an easy 1 line repeat throughout. The only thing that really is done is the colour changing to give it the festive look. For those

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Crochet Along Christmas Characters Blanket

Crochet Christmas Blanket Stitch Along

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Crochet Christmas Blanket Stitch Along Begin a new stitch along with Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me. Introducing here Crochet Christmas Character Christmas Blanket. In partnership with Yarnspirations, Sarah has made

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6 Challenging Christmas Crochet Blankets

9 Christmas Crochet Blanket Patterns

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9 Challenging Christmas Crochet Blankets To many crocheters, Christmas is a very special time of year. It feels good to pull out the decorations and make the house festive as

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Crochet Christmas Morning Throw

Crochet Christmas Morning Throw Pattern

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Crochet Christmas Morning Throw Merry and bright is the Crochet Christmas Morning Throw pattern. It’s a stitch sampler pattern for your Christmas decor. Or any season, for that matter. I

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Crochet Joyous Throw

Crochet Joyous Throw Pattern

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Crochet Joyous Throw The Crochet Joyous Throw is deceptive to the eye on the simplicity and 3D texture it has. There is a simple repeat of rows 2 thru 9.

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Crochet Country Snow Window Blanket

Crochet Country Snow Window Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Country Snow Window Blanket Pattern The Crochet Country Snow Window Afghan is a morph of a design created by Daniel Zondervan. Daniel figured out how to do the hexagons

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Crochet Scandinavian Christmas Blanket

Crochet Christmas Scandinavian Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Christmas Scandinavian Blanket I was inspired by the Tim Hortons Scandinavian Cups for 2016. I looked at Yarnspirations for existing snowflakes. I found the Assorted Lily Snowflakes and wondered

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