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Yarn Balls Wreath

Yarn Ball Wreath Pattern

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Yarn Ball Wreath Make your own Yarn Ball Wreath with easy. You can make one of these really simply by grabbing some Styrofoam balls and wrapping them with yarn. You

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Crochet Christmas Motif Star Blanket

Crochet Christmas Star Motif Blanket

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The Crochet Christmas Star Motif Blanket is made up of diamonds and triangles on the edges to make the edges flat. The diamonds are made up of just 3 rounds

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Craft Pom Pom Hat Miniature Ornament

Craft: Toilet or Paper Towel Roll Pom Pom Hat Ornament

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This cute idea uses yarn and a toilet roll to make a cheap Christmas Ornament. It’s a yarn wrapped around and formed into a hat. I saw this idea on

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Crochet Flirty Tree Skirt

Crochet Flirty Christmas Tree Skirt

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With the Crochet Flirty Tree Skirt pattern, I have additional resources to share with you. The pattern grows out consistently and you have to watch the beginning of each row

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Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt With Trees

Crochet Bernat Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

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The Bernat Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt has tree motifs crocheted into place. In fact, you can be creative and make each tree its own colour. You will start off with

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PomPom Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt

Crochet Pompom Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt

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The Crochet Pompom Trimmed Christmas Tree Skirt is easy to follow the pattern. There are two rows in this easy to repeat pattern. 1 row is double crochet, the next

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Hexagon Tree Skirt by MIkey of The Crochet Crowd

Hexagon Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

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Try my Christmas Tree Skirt I have designed a Christmas Tree Skirt that is a hexagon with opportunities to grow to infinity. In my design, I get you started with

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Loom Knit Santa Beanie Hat

Loom Knit: Santa Beanie Adult Hat

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The Loom Knit Santa Hat is a fun and easy accessory to have to wear at a parade or close to Christmas time. The brim is using Bernat Pipsqueak that

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Crochet Christmas Puzzle Finale

Crochet Christmas Puzzle Along

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The Crochet Christmas Puzzle Along will be the final community celebration before the big boy comes flying down the Chimney. Designed by Michelle Moore, from Nova Scotia.  You can find

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Loom Knit Stocking

Loom Knitting Christmas Stocking Pattern

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The Loom Knitting Christmas Stocking was written by me in 2009. Using 5″ loom knitting tool, eWrap a Loom Knitting Stocking. This is a free loom knitting pattern. This is

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